Aaaand … done!

Shrine overview

Sobek and Heru-sa-Aset enjoying Their new shrine. <3

I was a bit delayed finishing the shrine. We had a couple of days of what counts for ‘rainy’ here in Perth. The weather wasn’t right for painting, so I did other things. But it’s all done now, with its final layers of varnish, and I got it all finally screwed together after lunch. So now you all get an epic picspam because it’s DONE and it looks AMAZING and my gods like it very much. :D

I will cut it for you to save epic page loadingz because there are pictures and text and other assorted longish things. <3

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New Shrine – Almost Finished!

Yeah! It just needs to be varnished now, to protect it from, well, stuff. I’m quite proud of how it’s turned out, in spite of some of my questionably formed hieroglyphs. It’s still not properly put together, but I’m waiting til after I’m done with the varnishing to do that. And as you will see from the photos below the cut, I did manage to find a varnish that would work with my other paints, so I have literally spent most of the day decorating it.

NGL, it is super hard to put together hieroglyphic thingumies when you don’t have your books, and all you’ve got are three glyph fonts, and whatever you can find on the Intarwebs. I kind of had to bodge up a spelling for Bakhu since I couldn’t find one to copy. So if there is a proper rendering floating around somewhere, and I’ve bodged it up, well, sorry in advance.

Anyway, have two photos and moar rambling about things.

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On Being Pagan and Energy-Blind

I feel like I’ve written about this before somewhere, but I can’t find it if it exists at all, so you’ll just have to read about it again, because it’s on my mind. I feel like I might have discussed this in a broader post about magic, but I can’t be sure. In any case, have another post on it. I feel like this is kind of related to the whole godphone/lack of godphone thing, but not really the same thing? I think it’s all the godphone discussion lately that’s made me think about this, and all the work I’ve been doing with elements and whatnot.

I’m also going to post this one, and not just spend hours writing things like this, and then not posting them because reasons. I am terrible at that. I chicken out of posting things all the time, and I feel bad about it. I feel like I shouldn’t be censoring my own blog (except if it concerns stuff I legit can’t talk about). I know I need to work on this. But anyway. I digress.

Firstly, I can’t really do anything these days without Defining My Terms (thank you, Arts degree), so for the purposes of this discussion, I’m using ‘energy-blind’ to mean someone who doesn’t sense energy, or who can’t really feel it around them in a way that others are able to do. ‘Energy’ being not just elemental or magical stuff, but also gods and spirits etc. I don’t know if ‘energy-blind’ is the best way to describe this concept, but it’s what I’ll use. If you know of a better word, I’m all for it.

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New Shrine Update

Since I finally got started staining it yesterday, and I promised updates, and such. It’s coming along nicely, and I’m about halfway through now. I bought one of these Ikea tables, and I’m planning to use it as the new shrine once I get my room redone. At this stage, I’m just staining it, but I’m toying with possibly adding some decoration, depending on how well it works with the varnish I want to use to protect it. I’m pondering either painting hieroglyphic offering plates on the top, or at least making some out of craft wood so they can sit on top, and perhaps adding some kind of dedication or offering formula around it somewhere. IDK yet. I’m going to wait til I finish all the coats before I get on to testing the paints and varnish on a spare bit of wood.

This’ll be a shrine for Heru and Sobek, at this stage, with perhaps Hekate getting the lower shelf, but I’m not sure about that now, given it might be difficult for me to use, being so close to the ground. I may use it for storage of other things instead, and let Hekate sit on the wall shelves above once they’re put in. The big shrine box thingo I made before is going on the wall shelf too, as a central thing. I kind of want two long shelves above the shrine itself: the lower one will be for gods and whatnot, and I want the top to be more for ancestral things. I haven’t quite decided how high they’re going to be, though. I want to see the shrine in my room first, and find the right heights for everything then.

Anyway, have a couple of progress photos under the cut. Will update once it’s done.

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A Blessed Equinox!

Autumn Equinox shrine

Autumn equinox shrine, set up by the window, with what I haven’t packed away in a box yet. Offerings are rum + Coke, water for libations, and a plate of stuff: pesto made from homegrown basil, roasted homegrown pumpkin, brie, crackers, and some sliced chicken.

It feels like too long since I last updated, but at least I’ve got a decent High Day to write about now. I’ll upload the ritual I used in a bit, since I finally settled on one I was happy with. It follows the SDF ritual format, but it’s more built around Kemetic gods and cosmology. And it took me about 20 minutes, which I think is pretty good for me. And knowing it’s a set ritual, and all I need to do is worry about offerings, and perhaps writing an appropriate hymn, it’s stress-free, pretty much, which is nice.

I was a bit worried about doing it today, since I drew Thorn this morning, suggesting I should make sure I’m properly prepared before going ahead with it. Which was fine, I felt that was a fair enough warning. But I made sure I was prepared and ready, and everything turned out fine. I lit some incense, actually, and had it on the sill near the open window on the right, so it could drift out into the air and not bother me so much. It was partly how I knew the whole thing had taken about 20 minutes, since the cones I use burn for 15 minutes, and I finished probably a few minutes after it finished. I did have to use sandalwood oil to anoint myself with, since I think I packed up my frankincense a couple of days ago. But that’s alright. It worked well enough, and I do like sandalwood.

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Hekate and runes

I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of things, and not paying enough attention to writing it all up. The Covenant of Hekate have had this month-long daily devotional thing going since the beginning of the month, which I thought I’d do, since the focus was on improving meditation and visualisation skills. And it’s been good, if intense. I don’t mind a bit of visualisation here and there, particularly since Sobek finally told me how to do it in a way that would be effective for me, but it’s quite trying on my brain to do it every day, and I will admit to skipping a couple of days, or just doing the breathing meditation instead, because I haven’t felt up to the visualisation. Since I need to do some visualisation work for Sobek tonight, it’s breathing again for Hekate. I don’t have the spoons to do visualisation work on a constant basis, but at least I figured that out sooner rather than later.

The visualisations have been quite productive though. Lots of tarot imagery, and some runes as well. Artemis showed up as well, in connection with Yr, but there you go. That was hardly surprising, to be honest, since the rune is signifying the bow. It did make me want to take up archery though, which I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid. I have always loved archery. I blame Disney’s Robin Hood movie. That is burned into my memory from since I was a child. I spent a lot of time as a kid making bows from sticks and lacky bands, and making arrows out of whatever I could find. I dunno how good I’d be at archery, since I have shitty eyesight and all, but I guess I won’t know unless I try.

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Libations for Reza

Libations for Reza Berati

Incense and flame for a young asylum seeker who died on Manus Island last week. Aset and Nebthet watch over the rite.

I don’t really like writing about politics here on this blog, because I don’t usually feel it’s appropriate, but you’ll have to bear with me for once, because this is important to me to post about.

I don’t know how many of my readers are aware of the way Australia – my country – treats asylum seekers, but it’s pretty fucking appalling. The recent riots on Manus Island, part of Papua New Guinea where Australia has an offshore processing centre, have resulted in protests tonight, organised by GetUp!. It’s a candlelight vigil for the man killed during those riots, Reza Beruti, and, for me, all the others who have died on our watch, in our care. (Check the twitter hashtag #lightthedark.)

I almost went to the Perth rally tonight, but I’ve been around people for the past three days at the Perth Writers Festival, and just didn’t have the spoons for one final event. But I did pray tonight. I went to shrine, I lit candles and incense, and I prayed my 6th day festival prayers, prayers to Wesir and the ancestors, changed for this specific purpose. I think I cried almost the whole way through it, which made it difficult to say the prayers, but it was what I felt I could do. It might not be much, but I couldn’t do nothing.

I poured out the water onto Woden’s shrine. It’s hard walking down the side of the house at night, as there’s little light except what comes from my bedroom window, and the mulch hurts my feet. I grazed an ankle coming out. But I feel I’ve done my bit, small though it is.

Seasons, Gods, and Cycles

I had one of those moments today where everything suddenly fell into place. I’ve been trying for a long time to figure out the whole Kemetic calendar into my year as I experience it, and it’s been tough. Three seasons doesn’t really translate well to mine, and I stopped trying to do that a long time ago.

I still can’t explain why I feel a need to have such a seasonally relevant calendar for a Kemetic, based on my land here, but it’s a driving force for me, and I finally feel like I’ve sorted it out at long last, in a way that’s relevant to me, if not to anyone else.

I’ve been playing around with Sobek/West and Heru/East associations, as well as Their significance for me at Solstices and Equinoxes, along with Wesir and Ra. Wesir and Ra are like equinoxes for me; Sobek and Heru are the solstices. I honestly had no idea why this association made any sense to me for a while; these events weren’t really significant in the old calendars, with perhaps the exception of the winter solstice, but they seemed, to me, to be the seasonally instinctive way to divide up my year.

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Full Moon Rites

I must admit to being a bit lazy when it comes to these. I had intended to do them for Hekate, but I haven’t been able to find any rituals that gel with me enough to commit to doing them on a monthly basis. Aset doesn’t want them, either, because I get Her as more stellar than lunar. So I’ve spent a long time feeling at a loss about what to do on the full moon. The new moon is Hekate’s, and that won’t change, because I like marking the end/beginning of the lunar month with Her rites. It’s just always felt awkward doing rites for Her at the full moon.

But I think I’ll use them for Sobek, instead. Meditations, and other sorts of internal things. Well, if He will keep pestering me about Bakhu, I might as well just give in and see where it takes me. I want to do some illustrations of the place I see, just so I can have a visual map of the place. I’m sure it’s just my Bakhu, and that anyone else going there would see something else, but Sobek thinks this is important, so I might as well do some travels and meditations, and make some drawings, and see what mysteries Bakhu holds.

I’ve also just bought this table thing from Ikea. I’m in the process of getting my room redone (repainted, new floors, new furniture, etc), and I’ve taken the opportunity to rethink where and how I want to have my shrines. So that table’s going to be the centrepiece along the northern wall, and there’ll be wall shelves and other things for the other gods in my life. Hekate will have the bottom part of that table, and Sobek and Heru will have the top, so I can finally have Them both properly oriented, with Sobek in the West, and Heru in the East.

I have plans to paint that table, oh yes I do. Black, with gold and red. And perhaps some Egyptian motifs, if I can figure out how to do them. I have half an idea for a river/water thing in the middle of the top, with black land next to it, and then gold, and maybe painting an offering plate/table/thing on each side. Hekate’s will be red, black, and white/silver, and probably simpler. But that’s for next week, when I can go to the hardware shop with dad and pick out the right paints that I’ll need for the job. Yes, there will be pics when it’s done. That’s about it, though, as far as updates go. There’s nothing major coming up apart from the equinox next month, and I think I’ve almost got my ritual done for that. I might have to improvise if my room’s been taken apart, though, and my shrines have been packed up. But that’s alright. I can live with that for a while.

Feast of Sobek

Today’s a feast day for Sobek, and I was lucky enough to be able to spend some time alone in ritual with Him. It did catch me somewhat off-guard, but Sobek provided inspiration enough as to what I ought to offer for Him to feast on, and it was good to spend that time with Him together. It was nearly an hour and a half, all up, and while I won’t share the details of what happened because Mysteries, I did finally nut out what it is about visualisation that I have never quite grokked.

Y’know what the problem is? It’s the lack of words. I can do visualisation just fine when I’m writing a story in my head, but I’ve never thought of it as visualisation because it never really felt like it, or how other people do it, anyway. But that works for me. Writing a story in my head, in a form of second person, that works. I can see things that way. I can feel things that way. But I can’t if I’m just meant to be ~imagining~ things. So I’m going to try the visualisation thing again that’s part of Hekate’s new moon rite and try writing it as a story, and see if that helps it work better for me. If it does, I’ll keep working on honing that skill, and maybe I won’t be quite as shit at visualisation as I thought I was, because I can just write a story in my head, and see things that way.

All this triggered by a story I was writing for Sobek in my head as He took me to His temple at Bakhu again. A poem thing did come of it, but it’s not for sharing, so it’ll go on the private blog instead. I’ve also set up a small shrine for Nit at His insistence. There’s work there to do with Hir. Weird gender stuff. IDK. Maybe I’ll talk about it later once I’ve parsed it into something coherent and feel like it’s shareable.

(This is also me trying to get more consistent at writing up rituals and festivals that I do in a bid to have a better record of them, and to update this blog more often. We’ll see how long I stick with this before I forget.)