Necklace for Sobek

Necklace for Sobek

My beads arrived today, so I could finally put this together. The lighting’s pretty terrible, but it’s made from carnelian, red tiger eye, and the large stones are lapis lazuli. The little silver beads are square-shaped with leaves on each side. The tooth is a genuinely genuine Australian crocodile tooth. ❤ Y’know, because I found somewhere I could buy them. 😀
Srsly considering buying a small croc skull from them too, at some point, though perhaps not right now, as I have nowhere to display it properly.

I’ll consecrate the necklace at some point, though I’m not sure when. Probably after the Mysteries, and I have time to think for five minutes. But I’ll wear it until I get a chance to properly dedicate it, since Sobek’s keen for me to wear it during the Mysteries.

I got my beads from, because AU$6 flat rate shipping! They only ship to Australia and NZ, though, but I’ll be ordering more from them, for sure. I can get all the gemstone beads I need there. 😀


One comment on “Necklace for Sobek

  1. Your necklace is lovely. Thank you for sharing it!

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