Current Shrines

It’s been a while since I did a proper ‘here look at all my shrines’ post here, so I thought I’d rectify that. I feel like I’ve spent too long just posting festival shrines and whatnot, and every now and then, I like doing a full proper run down of all my shrines, particularly now when I’m changing focus and my shrines have similarly changed functions.

I have five shrines in my room at the moment. There’s Sobek and Heru-sa-Aset’s shrine, Hekate’s shrine, the lararium, the Netjeru shrine, and the polytheistic shrine, for lack of a better description. There’s also the informal ancestor shrine, but I don’t really use it for devotions and such right now, and I forgot to take photos of it. Not that it’s changed much. It rarely changes. I wish I had somewhere better for it so I could tend to it better, but it will do, for now.

Got a lot of photos below the cut, though they are scaled small, but yeah. Image-heavy post ahead, if that’s going to bother you. They’re all linked back to their flickr pages, so click through to there if you want to see them fullsize.

ETA: Knew I’d forgotten something. XD Have some photos of the shrines as a whole, so you can see how they each fit together:

Sobek and Heru-sa-Aset | Hekate | Netjeru Shrine | Polytheist Shrine

Sobek and Heru-sa-Aset’s Shrine:

Sobek/Heru shrine - top

This is the top of the shrine. My statues are here, mostly because the two larger ones won’t fit inside the shrine, and I like them better at what is closer to eye-level, as this shrine is at a standing height. Still have my Dark Side Of The Moon poster behind it, because, dammit, it just works there. That whole spectrum pyramid thing is just cool. Plus, it kind of works well with my dark!Sobek/light!Heru dynamic that I’ve got going on. I’m currently praying to Heru in the morning, and Sobek in the evening, and reciting adorations for both. It’s informal, but I like it. So that’s why there’s a black candle and a light candle there, though I really need a new black one, as it doesn’t burn very well.

My ickle scribe statue is meant to be me, sitting at Sobek’s feet, because I’m His scribe (or at least, aspiring to be). His (other) ring rests on it. In front of that, there is a necklace for Them, a white feather for Ma’at, and a piece of lapis for Sobek, and a piece of goldstone for Heru.

Sobek/Heru Shrine - Central

 This is what’s below, and in the shrine itself. The grey horse is Sobek’s, and the brown, Heru’s. It’s a weird convoluted syncretisation thing with Castor and Pollux via Gemini and twin stars. The green stone is also Sobek’s, and the black stone, Heru’s. I have long forgotten what exact stones they are, but yes.

The round box contains my two collars, and a pair of cuffs, which belong to Sobek. At some point, when I feel less terrified about talking about it to omg random strangers on the internet, I’ll discuss the sacred D/s aspects to my relationship with Sobek. But for now, admire a box.

The money pot sits on top of the box, and I’m saving up to buy various sacred objects for my gods, including a scribe’s pallet for Sobek, and maybe some more statuary. Sobek’s crocodile tooth necklace sits hanging from the pot.

Oh, and half-hidden in the background are two silver sticky-on birds that I think are meant to be humming birds, but reminded me of Aset and Nebthet, so that’s – abstractly – why they’re there. That, and I like shiny reflective things, and they are very shiny and reflective.

Sobek/Heru Shrine - left

Left side. Nothing extraordinary here, just the oil burner, matches, oil, and candles. The brown bowl contains prosperity spells, and is where I keep my spare change with which I might buy offerings with, if I need it. But mostly it’s there so that it can feed the money seed there.

The blue and white bowl beside it contains dried rose petals, another prosperity spell, some coins (I think), a small mala I use for breathing exercises, and a Dive Ball, in which a tiny Totodile. 😀 My little hand bell sits behind that.

Sobek/Heru Shrine - front central

This is all my scribal stuff. So there are four bottles of calligraphy ink (though I probably ought to buy some new inks, they are very old), the cream box contains my brushes, pens, and nibs, and on top of that you can see my ink stone, ink, and water bowl. My Feraligatr figurine is guarding it all, and surrounding it, there is a necklace I actually bought that has small aqua and red beads, with a small silver ankh.

Four tea lights, for light, and because I like how they sit on the shrine. No particular significance to the colours, except that I’ve had them for years, and they work well enough. No one has complained, at any rate. I figure the dark blue ones are Sobek’s, and the light blue ones are for Heru.

In front, you can see my myth book, in which goes the final versions of the myths I write for Sobek, as well as a pen. On top of the book are the two newest sets of prayer beads I made for Sobek and Heru. Sobek’s is the black/blue set, made from black goldstone, along with carnelian and lapis. Heru’s is mainly carnelian, along with some of Sobek’s starry goldstone, and some lapis. Sobek’s is finished with a crocodile pendant, and Heru’s with an Eye.

Sobek/Heru shrine - book close-up

This one was taken a few days ago, but you can see the beads a little better here, I think.

Sobek/Heru shrine - right

The right side has a glass, a mortar and pestle, and a bowl containing frankincense resin, coins, and some tumbled gemstones. I believe tere is some lapis, carnelian, goldstone, and … something else I’ve forgotten.

The brown book is my devotional journal, and I have prayers and adorations written in there that I’m currently using.

I take no responsibility for the fact that Sobek claimed that Sabbath CD as soon as it arrived, and has not let go of it, so it sits there on His shrine. I have mentioned that He’s a metalhead, yeah? Because He totally is, at least with me.

Also, I need moar Heru objects. Come on, Heru, you’re allowed to have sacred objects too, y’know. It doesn’t just have to be filled with all Sobek’s things.

Hekate’s shrine:
Hekate Shrine - central

This hasn’t really changed much, but I have added a couple of things. This is my lowest shrine, and it sits in the space below Sobek and Heru’s shrine, and it sits in front of all my pagan books. Which is tricky, but it’s all the space I have, and a simple permanent shrine is better than no shrine at all.

Hestia and Hermes are there for certain lunar rites I do for Hekate, and I kind of like them all being there anyway. Hestia has Her lamp. Hekate has the dragon and the sea shell, which is filled with small grains of incense, small gemstones (moonstone, jade, and amethyst), some rocks, and some coins. It’s meant to represent Hekate’s three domains, Earth (the rocks), Sky (the incense), and Sea (the shell). The silver box contains coins for Hermes. In front of all that is my wand. It’s got a world tree on it. And I think the stone is chrysobel? IDK, something green and shiny like a cat’s eye.

Hekate Shrine - Hestia's side

Hestia’s side has one candle, libation bowl and jug at the back, my Hekate journal, and my Wildwood Tarot. The journal sits behind the tarot book.

Hekate Shrine - Hermes' side

Hermes’ side has another candle, and some black iron keys for Hekate. The red candle is for my CoH rites.

Hekate Shrine - offerings for Hekate and Hermes

Just a better photo of the shell and the inside of the box. Apologies for the ridiculous glare. I took +elebenty photos, and this one turned out the best.


Small, but effective. This actually sits on a hook on the wall by my door; it was designed to hang on a wall anyway, The two dishes at the back are designed to hold tea lights, if that gives you an indication of scale. I printed off an image from the old larariums to use as a background, to save me trying to paint it on myself. You can also get a better sense of the paint job I did on it.

The key on the far left is for Ianus, the cat is (obviously) Bast. The dish of coins is for Hermes. The painted red and gold rock at the centre back is for the land spirits. The smaller red stone is for Hestia, and the three crystals are for Hekate. The dish of salt is there because reasons I forget now. I’m almost tempted to erect a small shelf underneath for offering bowls, but as it would sit over the edge of my bed, it’s probably not practical. I also need better symbols/things for Hestia and Hekate, but it’s hard finding anything small enough to fit there.

Netjeru Shrine:

There’s a lot going on here, so excuse the +elebenty photos. I didn’t want to miss anything here. The only Kemetic statue not here is my seated Djehuty statue, which I just couldn’t find a place for here. But save for my Sobek and Heru statues, all my Kemetic icons are here. I wanted a place just for the Kemetic gods.

Netjeru Shrine - Ra's side

This is the far left side, and it’s Ra’s side. I’m still using the Ra/Wesir arrangement, because, well, it works for me. The cat here is Ra’s netjeri, and along with Ra, I’ve put Set and Hethert, though that little goddess figure has, at times, stood in for any other goddess I don’t have an icon for.

I finally made Ra a little garland for His statue, too. I used artificial coral pieces, because that was all I had that was red. It wouldn’t be my first choice, though, if I was doing it again, but in this case, the colour was more important than the materials.

Netjeru Shrine - Aset-Nut and NitShifting along from Ra, we have Aset-Nut and Her dodgily painted eyes. In front of Her is Nit, and to the left on a horrid angle, a piece I made for Ra for the equinox. At some point, I will scan it in, along with the one I made for Wesir, so you can see them better.

Netjeru Shrine - The Holy Family, and Bast-MutThis is the central part. I feel I ought to get a cloth or something to cover the awen box, but for now, it will do. The awen box has my druidry things, for when I decide to do those rites again.

My holy family sits at the back, with Aset’s prayer beads binding Them all together. Bast-Mut sits in front, protectively.

Also candles, because why not. Those candle holders are identical to the ones in the lararium, for comparison.

Netjeru Shrine - Aset/Isis

This is moving to Wesir’s side, and we have Aset/Isis here, along with the piece I painted for Wesir for the Equinox. You can sort of see itbetter here than Ra’s piece, but yes.

Netjeru Shrine - Wesir's side

Wesir, mourning Aset, and Faithful, another netjeri. It’s weirdly comforting having Wesir by my bed. But He generally has a quiet calming presence anyway, so it’s probably best for Him there.

Netjeru Shrine - Sobek, and assortment

This is below Ra’s statue, and there are some things of Sobek’s, including two crocodiles, and some other reptilian figures, which are not necessarily Sobek’s, but just like sitting there. For the unfamiliar, there is a Yoshi, a Koopa Trooper, and a Ninja Turtle. Michaelangelo was always my favourite. ❤

Netjeru Shrine - Soldier, and Djehuty

Just in front of Aset-Nut, there’s a soldier figure (a shrine guard), and two figures of Djehuty. Khonsu came out the best in this one.

Netjeru Shrine - Khonsu, Bast, Satet, and Aset/Isis

Here is my beautiful white winged Isis, Amun’s feather, and in front of that, Khonsu, Bast, and Satet, though they aren’t very clear. Sorry about that. My camera is terrible.

You can, however, see the piece I did for Ra a little better. Swings and roundabouts. Etc.

Netjeru Shrine - Nebthet, Yinepu, and soldier

Here we have Nebthet, Yinepu, and the second soldier/shrine guard figure.

Polytheistic Shrine (for lack of a better word)
This is an odd collection of non-Kemetic gods (and Djehuty), for lack of anywhere else to put them. It’s not a formal shrine, but I still like it as a place to have these gods so that Their presence is still here.

Misc Shrine - Horse, Mary, and Djehuty

On the left, we have the horses (which, well, IDK still), Mary, and the shell that contains rosaries et al for Her, Djehuty, and just hidden at the bottom, is Mafdet’s cheetah.

Misc Shrine - Ganesha and Saraswati

Moar Ganesha than you can poke a stick at. You can never have too many Ganeshas. Also, Saraswati, and two sets of mala beads, candles, and rocks. You can also see Mafdet photobombing on the bottom left.

…I might switch that Saraswati and Ganesha around. Saraswati is disappearing there, and I’d like to be able to see Her better.

Misc Shrine - Serapis, Lars, Sobek, Quan Yin

And finally, Serapis, the lares figure I would use if I had room for a fullsized lararium, Quan Yin, and the crocodile I couldn’t fit anywhere else. You can just see the roof of the lararium hanging on the wall between the white and green Quan Yin icons.

So yes, that’s everything. I think the reason I don’t do these posts very often is because they take so long to put together. This one’s taken me a good three hours, with the uploading, and the copypasting, and the writing of text, and the organisation, and the formatting, and whatnot. I might wait a year or two before I do this again. But I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my shrines, anyway. My whole room feels like a temple, except for all the mundane things. Not that I mind. I like sleeping with all my gods. It’s really comforting, having Them all around me.

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  1. navelgazed says:

    These are all beautiful! Very jealous of all your statuary and impressed with how you arranged it all.

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