Druidic shrine update

Too lazy for copypasta. Here’s my updated druidic shrine, for anyone who’s interested. I’ve been doing DP stuff all day, and getting my file ready, and knocked off a draft home shrine essay thingo in the process and posted it at my DP journal. Feel free to check it out if you’re interested, it’s changed up a lot in four months. BRB working on my High Day liturgy so it’s ready in time for NaNo. D:

starfire river tree

I’ve been changing up my shrine over the past month or so, and I feel like it’s time to do a proper write-up for it, since that’s part of our DP documentation anyway, and then I don’t need to worry about it. Also, I promised to post photos over at Per Sebek, so I’ll cross-post this back over there in a bit, just for anyone else who wants to see it.

I’ve spent the day setting up my DP documentation file, so I can begin getting everything ready, and adding to it as I progress. It’s not necessarily a way to procrastinate getting ready for the coming High Day, which is my least favourite 5eva, but it is after 4:30pm on a Sunday afternoon, and I am only just getting on to it. So there you go.

(Also, I have an ear infection rn that is making everything sound strange…

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