Sometimes you need to shake things up

I’ve been changing up my druidic shrine, and set up a separate household gods shrine, if anyone’s interested in seeing how they turned out. Apparently today was shake up the shrines day.

starfire river tree

Like when I get the sense my shrines are too cluttered, and Things Have Got To Go. I am terrible with cluttered shrines. I feel like it hampers the energy, and if there’s too much going on, it just ends up feeling like a place I don’t want to be. This isn’t just the case for physical clutter, but also a shrine trying to be too many things at once.

If anyone’s wondering why this is over here, and not at Per Sebek, it’s because it pertains to the druidic shrine, and my growing sense that, if I’m going to do deipnon, and noumenia, a proper household shrine is needed, and the initial isolation of a little corner of the shrine for that purpose ended up feeling too crowded with the rest of it. So something had to happen.

And yes, I know, the High Day stuff hasn’t been posted…

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