30 Days of Sobek: Day 2 – How I First Became Aware of Sobek

Day two beckons, and I am behind on my masterlist. Still, this is a short and sweet account of how I met Sobek, which I know I’ve written about before, so. I’ll save the tl;dr 5k posts for later. 🙂

eta: I am no longer behind on my masterlist. Find all the 30 days of Sobek posts here.

II. How did you become first aware of this deity?
I was kind of aware of Him in a general kind of sense when I looked at ancient Egypt as merely an interest. He didn’t really introduce Himself to me until I was looking through a book on ancient Egypt, and He was included in the pantheon of (major) gods. He got my attention at that point because I’d been thinking back on this thing that had happened, where I’d been at the zoo, and found my way, as if I was being drawn there, to the (then) new wetlands exhibit, where there was a large male saltwater crocodile. Never been to the exhibit before, didn’t know it was there, found my way to Him as if I was drawn there, and saw something in His eyes that struck me that this was something I needed to pay attention to.

I was very much a baby pagan back then. I don’t recall much of what my path actually was at the time; I might’ve still been clinging to Wicca, but I suspect I might have been transitioning to a more Isian approach. Isis and Djehuty were the two deities I first worshipped in any real sense. Sobek was actually not a first choice, or an obvious choice, for me.

I’d always loved dinosaurs and crocodiles, though. I loved them. I never found them ugly or vicious. I thought they were beautiful creatures. I remember having this plastic crocodile, perhaps 20-30cm long?, that I bought at the zoo when I was seven or eight? I carried it everywhere, and I had a Thing for chewing on its tail. (Yeah, IDK, either. I was a weird kid.) I think mum might’ve thrown it out once I bit it so much the tip of the tail fell off. (Oops.) So I’m not at all surprised that Sobek claimed me. Makes a lot of sense to me.


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