State of the Shrines, September 2020

(^Watch for sleeping cat on shrine. <3)

So. A lot’s changed in my practice this year. And because of that, I felt I needed to mark that by doing another State of the Shrines. A big reason for this is also due to me going back to Kemetic Orthodoxy and the House of Netjer. It’s not something I expected, but it’s where Sobek feels I need to be right now, so that’s where I’m going. I’m not sure just yet why I have work to do there, but I do know it’s part of my path shifting in focus from internal self-directed work to more community-focused external work, so we’ll see what happens and where Sobek takes me next.

If I’m honest, I’ve felt pulled back there for about a year, though the nagging didn’t really start until February. It had been on my mind before then though. Just a slight pull, the way Sobek always works, making me think about it and whether it’s something I want. Took me a while to discern that I did, but I didn’t want to rush it anyway so. I also had a lot going on between February and August and didn’t really have as much time to make a decision one way or another until semester one, and lockdown, was over and I could begin to process those thoughts. This resulted in me celebrating Wep Ronpet in late July/August for a number of reasons, some I can’t really talk about, but it was a good way to close the door on a decade of wandering, and start a new path here, and reset my calendar. I think I’ll still do the solstices and equinoxes as they fall here, bc they’re important to me, and I feel like I’m beginning to get back in touch with the seasons again. But I think that’s about as seasonal as I’m going to get.

So this was my Wep Ronpet shrine that I built in late July in preparation for the Days Upon the Year. We had a leap day so Djehuty is there too, along with the other gods (Wesir, Heru-Wer, Set, Aset, Nebethet), because He got the first day. It’s not the most perfect shrine, but given I did basically not much for Wep Ronpet back in February, I appreciated the chance to celebrate it again properly this time.

This was my first full moon rite for Hetheru, celebrated on Nebethet’s birthday, and the last ritual I did before a migraine took over and I missed Wep Ronpet. But I’d done all the work I needed to do, apparently, so I left it at that and rested, as the gods told me to do. I modified the full moon ritual found in Richard Reidy’s book, Everlasting Egypt, and added in some bits for Hetheru, since She asked for full moon rites from me, so. I’m doing self-care work with Her now, rather than with Aphrodite, for a number of reasons, some of which are Sau-related. There’s a lot I can’t really talk about in terms of how I ended up working with Her due to the Sau stuff, but it was definitely a surprise to me, that’s for sure.

This is the second full moon rite I did for Hetheru a few days ago, and the shrine is mostly commplete now, bar the Sekhmet statue. It’s been evolving all month, and now it’s finally complete. For the time being, anyway. This was actually the day I got my period this month, so it was not the best timing, but since they’re lining up with the full moon, it’s going to happen, so not doing ritual isn’t really the point, because that is part of Hetheru’s domain. So I did ritual with Her anyway since that’s the point of our work.

This is my regular shrine in the morning for Senut, and you can see my new Sekhmet there. I waited a month for Her to arrive from the US, but She got here, albeit a lil damaged. But nothing super glue wouldn’t fix. 😀 The two wooden altar tables on either side of the main Sobek shrine were made by my dad. ❤ I haven’t decided how to paint them yet, but I’m just leaving them for now while I let the shrine settle in place, now that things feel mostly settled.

My other work is pretty much just dark moons for Hekate, with Quan Yin every now and then when I feel the need to do so. I’m recognising in myself, at least while I’m doing full-time post-grad study, that my capacity to be consistent about daily practice is inconsistent at best. Some weeks are really good. And others, it’s just not happening. A lot of that is also family stuff or ‘oh look my joints are playing up’ or ‘oh no migraines for days’ but also just too much work to do to turn my head to being consistent with my practice. But I think I’ve come to terms with that. It’s okay. That’s just how things are right now, and that’s okay. It’s been an extraordinary year for all sorts of reasons so I’m cutting myself some slack and just doing what I can. That’s all I can really do, so. ❤

And yeah, I’m planning to upload all my lil altars for my rituals to my youtube channel, mostly the full and dark moons, but also anything else that comes up. I like keeping a record of things, especially given how quickly things can change. I missed the last dark moon, but I’ll do a separate post on that when the next one comes along bc there’s A Lot to talk about with Hekate, so. And how my shrine with Her is working now, given that it’s my whole desk, and not a separate shrine space anymore.

One comment on “State of the Shrines, September 2020

  1. jewelofaset says:

    Gorgeous shrines as always!

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