A Plan for the New Year

a photograph of an egyptian altar with a statue of Sobek at the centre, Sekhmet on the left, and Hetheru on the right, along with candles, some crystals, and offerings for the New Year.

New Years Eve Senut shrine.

The process of shifting my brain back into working within a Kemetic Orthodox framework is slow, but progressing. It’s taking some adjustment, but it’s good so far. The biggest things I’ve learned so far is that a) daily Senut is far easier for my brain to handle if I give myself permission to do it at night, and b) I don’t have to keep writing rituals for everything, I can just make extra offerings during Senut if I feel like it.

It is making me happy though. Everything just feels right, like this is just what my ka needs right now. I’ve had some success in contacting Sobek and other gods as well, and making a little progress with my Sau work, so I’m feeling good about this now.

I’m not planning to do much in the way of practice next year, though. It’s going to be focused mostly on learning the tarot properly, given I have a new deck to work with, and it’s challengning me in a good way. So I’m doing daily draws for the first time in my life, and not half-assing it either. I’ve spent a while setting this one up so I have all the tools I need to make it work, and so far, so good. I actually draw my card in the evenings for the next day, because I know I am very ‘out of sight, out of mind’, and if the card is already there for me in the morning, I’m going to work with it better.

So I do a simple record in a 5 year journal I have, then do more detailed work the next day. I’m doing both intuitive notes and looking up the card meanings, so I can see how good I am at remembering the meanings. I’ve been reading tarot for almost 20 years, so I know I’ve definitely absorbed something, but it’s never been any sort of dedicated study, and I want to change that now. I’m also going to be using the Biddy Tarot Planner next year, because to me, it seems like the best way to focus solely on daily draws, without necessarily needing to do much more than that. I may go on to do more detailed goal-planning later on, but for now, it’s going to just be a record of my cards and any thoughts I have on them. And I do like the lil rituals that go along with it, so I plan to do those too, just to give myself a little more structure.

Sobek told me in meditation tonight not to rush this process, because I know that’s something I’ll want to do. I’ll not stick with this long enough and feel like I ought to be moving on, but I need to be patient and stick with it.

So that’s really the entirety of my practice. Morning meditation, evening Senut, and daily draws. That’s it. And I’m happy with that, you know? It feels like just enough for me to handle right now, while still working on my skills and doing a little study. So we’ll see how the year progresses and how far I get by the end of the year.


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