Birth of the Celestial Twins

N.B. I know I’ve already posted this elsewhere, but I want it here as well for, well, for the sake of organisation. XD

An Account of the Creation of the Cosmos
by Sobek the Crocodile God, and His Twin/Son Heru-sa-Aset, the Shining Sun

At first, there was nothingness. It is easy to imagine it as pure darkness, but that is not entirely accurate. It is easy to think of it as dark matter, but that is not entirely accurate either. It is matter, in a manner of speaking, and yet it is nothingness. The Creator had created Hirself, had come into being by thought alone, and now the Creator existed in the nothingness of space, from nothingness into nothingness.

The Creator did not yet have a name. At least, Zie did not have a name or form that had been revealed. The Creator knew it in Hir heart, but did not speak it. The sound was not to be heard yet, so it was hidden away. Zie was the Hidden One1.
At the centre of this nothingness sat the great Cosmic Egg2, which had been laid moments after the Creator had come into existence. It contained the Creator’s twinned spirit, Hir child, and Zie would tend to it with dedication and care until it was time for Hir to be born.

For a long time, and for a moment of time, this was all that existed. Until the Egg hatched.

It lasted a fraction of a second, and seemed to take forever. In glorious majesty, the Egg hatched, exploded into shining magnificence, and nothingness was washed away, transformed into somethingness. Freed from the egg, a sun was born, and its light shone over everything.

The Creator tended to the infant Sun, cared for the Hir twin and child, and watched the Cosmos form around them, as they remained where the Egg had been. The Creator had a name then. Zie called Hirself Sobek, the one watching over hir twin3. Always watching, never taking Hir eyes from Hir child. Zie had called Hir child Heru, the High One. The Sun sat at the centre of every solar system, the one bright light in the sky of the planets traversing around it.

Together, Sobek and Hir twin/child Heru watched the birth of stars and planets. Watched matter come together to form something bigger and better. Brighter. Slowly, the darkness began to shine. It took a fraction of a second, and seemed to take forever. Everything seemed to take that long. Instantaneous and enduringly slow. The effects of time were still being written and the Gods of creation still being born. The Creator watched over it all, ensuring nothing went wrong. Zie sent Hir Netjeri4 out to assist, to tend to primitive planets and stars, forging them from the explosion of matter that had come from the birth of Heru.

Unbidden, the Lord of Time5 began writing, marking Time into existence on His parchment. Slowly, things began to fall into order.

Once the stars and planets and galaxies had been made, they had to be filled with life. The Creator trusted no one but Hirself to plant the seeds of life all over the cosmos. Together with Hir twin, the Sun lit the way, while The Creator imbued planets with life.

They came to a small solar system in a spiral galaxy. Nine planets in all, with a couple of meteor belts, it was pristine and beautiful. The humble nature of the last planet was just as magnificent as the sheer size of the biggest, and The Creator felt life was to be had here. Lots of life.

There were two planets. Twins. Rocky hostile twins, but both contained the right potential for life. Both had large spans of water, large oceanic plains, and solid land. Volcanos and thick atmospheres, too, but that could be fixed.

Setting foot on the first, Sobek planted the seeds of life in the oceans, and created some guardian spirits to watch over them. Life needed the quiet guiding hand of the cosmos to make sure it flourished. The same was done on the second planet.

All that was left to do was wait to see how life would flourish.

It had seemed like an eternity since Sobek and Heru had returned to that humble solar system. The twin planets had shown their true colours. One was red, another blue. The red planet lay desolate and barren; the experiment had failed. Life was not to exist there anymore.

The blue planet, shining so brightly and beautifully against the blackness of space, was teeming with life. Here, conditions had been right, and life had flourished.

Sobek and Heru spent their time visiting all the life they found. Other Gods existed here now, those born from the Guardians sent to protect this planet. Sobek discovered He had form here. Some of the people had shaped Him after a crocodile. Sobek approved. He liked the ancient beast very much. Heru soared above the people, flying through the sky with bright brown wings. Everywhere, the echo of that first creation sung out, from the river people who drew Him as a crocodile, to those who had forgotten His twin, and to every part of civilisation on the planet. Earth, they called it. Earth. Sobek liked that. There was something satisfying about it. Earth.

He could not have stayed forever. Other parts of the Cosmos needed Him, and Heru, but He left His mark on the Earth and its people, asking them to remember Him. He would return one day to see how they were, but for now, they were on their own, until He heard His name being called again, thousands of years later, by people he had never seen before. He wept. His name echoed across the Universe, and Sobek once more returned to Earth, with Heru by His side to light the way.

1. Amun is known as the Hidden One. His form and name are unknowable, hidden from the Seen world.
2. The Cosmic Egg references the birth of Ra.
3. Sobek’s name means ‘watching over you’.
4. Netjeri (net-djeri) in this context are servants of the Gods. They are not considered Gods themselves, but they are spirits nonetheless. They assist the God and do their bidding.
5. Reference to Djehuty (djeh-hoo-tee). I resisted the urge to call Him a Time Lord.

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