Devotional Invocation to Hekate (CoH)

Devotional Invocation to Hekate

Written for the Rite of the Devotee of Her Sacred Fires as part of my membership application to join the Covenant of Hekate. Please do not use or adapt without permission, as it was an offering to the goddess and not something I can freely give without asking Her first.

Offered on the full moon of May 26th, 2013

Invocation to Hekate
She comes, howling, amidst swathes of nothingness,
Those who see Her flee in terror.
The sky, blackened, explodes in awe-full glory;
Creation is forged in the cradle of Her arms.

She comes, striding, out of the fire.
Key-bearer, Fire Bringer, Torchbearer, Queen!
Awakened now in glory, stars blazing in Heaven,
the Mistress of Light brings forth all that will be.

She comes, silently, keeping Her secrets.
She holds the keys to Her mysteries,
Her torchlight shines, fire illuminates,
While darkness swirls around.

She comes, wildly, from the deep black forest,
The Mistress of the Shadow Realms veiled in darkness,
From the sky, the dark moon hides Her face,
While fierce hounds bark at Her side.

She comes, smiling, to the crossroads broad.
I stand, waiting, to seek Her.
All in darkness, I sit, silence abounds,
Waiting for Her to bring Her light.

She comes, gloriously, to the altar,
The moon beckoning Her near,
I bow down, ready to submit,
To enter Her holy embrace.

Tonight, I am Hers, the Lady of the Three Ways,
My blood, my body, my mind, I submit.
Take me, Queen of Heaven, and forge me anew
Forge me at the crossroads, so I may shine like You.