Hymn to Heru as the Morning Star

A Hymn to the Morning Star
by Sobekemiti, 27/6/13

Hail to the morning star,
Heru of the Eastern Skies,
Great Falcon,
You who carries Ra on your back as the Day Boat,
Bring forth Kheper-Ra from the Duat.
Let me see His shining face.
Let me feel His brilliant radiance upon my body.
Let me sing praises to You,
Morning Star,
Heru of the East,
Bright Soaring Falcon
Who bears Ra into the sky.

Based on headcanon regarding Heru as the eastern horizon/eastern star/morning star/dawn/day boat. Associated with Heruakhety, Kheper-Ra, and that sort of thing. Not sure if it’s in any way an historically attested association, so take it as UPG. Meant to be used with Sobek’s Evening Star hymn.

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