Morning Hymn to Kheper-Ra

Awakening Prayer for Kheper-Ra
by Sobekemiti, 18/8/2012

Awake in peace, You who have come as Kheper-Ra
Hail to You, Kheper-Ra, Creator of the Gods.
Awake, awake, You who have come as Kheper-Ra,
The baboons joyously greet You.
Rise to greet us, Great Kheper-Ra!
The world rises to kiss the face of Ra,
Ra is on His Horizon,
You rise up in the sky,
illumining Your mother Nut,
You are seated on Your throne as the King of the Gods.
Your mother Nut stretches out Her hands, and offers henu,
Ma’at embraces You with Her arms.
Awake, awake, Great Kheper-Ra,
And be at peace with me.
Let me gaze on Your beauties.
Let me journey above the earth.
Let me behold set at the stern, with His spear bloodied and the serpent slain.
Let me slit asunder the serpent-fiend Sebau.
Let me destroy the serpent at the moment of his greatest power.
Let me behold Heru when He is in charge of the rudder of the Sun Barque,
with Djehuty and Ma’at on each side of Him.
Awake, awake in peace, sweet Kheper-Ra,
Grant to me a view of the Aten, and a sight of Iah unfailingly each day.

This is a modified version of the hymn of praise to Ra in the early morning that can be found here:

I wanted a morning prayer for Kheper-Ra for a Graeco-Kemetic daily rite I’m piecing together, and I plan to write another for Temu-Ra for the evening prayers as well. I’ll throw the whole rite up here once I’m done with it and release it into the wild.

2 comments on “Morning Hymn to Kheper-Ra

  1. Maame Yaa Kosei kufuor says:

    Thank you so much for devoting your time and sharing this information so freely for people like me who is on the journey and there no place to go as I am in London and there is not much going on. The shrine preparation and rites has really been helpful. Our Great Black Ancestors spirits have come to live in you to sister&brothers. May the Gods bless you more and continue to use to help others.
    Maame Yaa kosei Kufour

    • Sashataakheru says:

      Thank you for stopping by, I’m glad the resources here have been helpful to you. If there’s anything else you’d like me to post about, please let me know, and I’ll see what I can do for you.

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