A Daily Rite For The Evening Star (Sobek)

ETA 6/2/16: How have I only just noticed I forgot to change the final prayer to Sobek’s one? /dumb  I also changed the incense offering wording at the start because I use different words now. Or I forgot this was the original version and have ended up memorising something entirely different go me!

27/09/2014: Added an additional step involving shaking bells and offering incense to both this a/nd the Morning Star rite.

This is the companion daily rite I do, usually in the late evening before bed (hello, I am a night owl), for Sobek. Like with the morning ritual, I don’t usually do any purifications before I go to shrine, except perhaps brush my hair if it’s messy.

It’s actually quite a nice way to end the day, particularly because the night is often quieter in my house than the morning, so I can appreciate that more.

Because I am lazy, and I am trying to get better at repeating ritual patterns, this rite for Sobek is virtually the same as Heru’s, but with a few different words. I also don’t usually light incense at night, because of the time I do the ritual, and how I don’t want my room to get clogged up with smoke right before I go to bed, but if that’s not a problem for you, go right ahead and light incense during this rite too.

Things You’ll Need:

  •  A shrine: at the very least, you ought to have an image of Sobek/your deity of choice, a candle, and an incense burner.
  •  Libation bowl and jug of cool water; or a glass of some other liquid you want to offer. You can offer something other than water, but I find water works really well for this rite.
  • Some kind of noise-maker, shaker, a bell, sistrum, or the like. I currently use a bracelet made of memory wire, strung with plastic silver beads, and ten bells, that I picked up at an op shop for, like, $2. Just something to make noise with.

Again, supplies are very simple, and you could just as easily offer a hot drink or something else you might drink before bed, if that’s your thing. Adapt it to your lifestyle.

Before the rite:
Before I begin, I fill my jug with water, put on my collar, and cover my hair. I get the incense out and set it in its burner, ready to be lit. I make sure my ritual book is open at the right page where I’ve written down the ritual. Even though I know it off by heart, I find I can’t just not have it open. I feel like a bad lector priest if I don’t have my ritual book there, open to the right ritual.

The Rite:
1. I begin my lighting the candles and incense. I chant the following, letting it follow my actions as I go. I work east to west, following the movement of the sun, as my altar faces north. My current practice is to chant ‘Receive the Light’ twice, followed by ‘Beautiful is the incense’, and then another four repetitions of ‘Receive the light’.

When lighting candles:
Receive the light, O gods, receive the light.
Come to the shrine, O gods, and receive the light.

When lighting incense:
Sweet is the incense on the flame, O gods.
Sweet is the incense on the flame.
Come to the shrine, O gods, come to the shrine.
Sweet is the incense on the flame.

2. Opening prayer:
I will usually gesture henu with my right hand, with my hand near my head, palm facing the shrine, and for Sobek, I lower my left hand to the ground:

Hail to the Evening Star,
Sobek, Lord of Bakhu,
Wanderer, Mysterious One,
You navigate the waters like no other,
Carrying Wesir safely on Your back as the Night Boat.
Protect Him, Great One, from the terrors of the Duat.
Shine, Bright One, and illuminate the darkness.
Bring to us now His beautiful face,
Bathe Him in Ra’s golden light.
Great Crocodile, who comes forth from the marshes,
Let me see Your face,
Let me bathe in Your radiance,
Let me sing praises to You who carries Wesir as the Night Boat.

3. I will take up my jug, and pour a libation to Sobek using the following words:
This libation is for you, Sobek,
This libation is for you,
Coming forth from your servant,
Coming forth before you,
I have come and I have brought you the Eye of Heru,
That you may be refreshed with it.
I have come and brought you the liquid that comes forth from you.

As I say this, I pour the libation, and then take up the bowl to offer it to Sobek’s statue, before taking a sip, once I have finished offering it.

4. I take my bracelet of bells in one hand, and with the other, offer the incense to the shrine while I shake the bells, saying:

Hail to the Lord who rejoices in the incense!
Hail to the Lord who rejoices in the incense!
Hail to the Lord who rejoices in the incense!
Hail to the Lord who rejoices in the incense!

This calls on an epithet of Sobek, and by extension Sobek and Heru, as both share the epithet ‘Lord of Myrrh’. Which is why I offer myrrh to Them over frankincense. I also offer sandalwood, as it is also deep and woody like myrrh is.

5. I spend a moment in meditation, or private prayer.

6. I offer henu, and take up the libation bowl, and say:

May I drink in your wisdom, great one.
May this water sustain me as it sustains you.

Then I drink the rest of the libation.

7. Closing prayer:

Hail to you, Sobek, evening star,
I have come before you, bright one, and I am purified.
I have received the light.
Offer me now your blessings and protection tonight,
And grant me good sleep,
That I may rise tomorrow as Ra does,
Triumphant over the serpent
Be at peace with me,
Great crocodile of the night.

8. Offer henu, and close the shrine. The rite is done.


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