Sobek Execration Rite

This is a pretty bog-standard execration rite, and this one invokes Sobek. Devo has written an excellent overview of Kemetic execrations that I’d recommend you read before going ahead with this piece of heka if you have never done an execration before. This is pretty straightforward, but you should probably have some understanding of execrations and why they’re done before doing one yourself, because this one is quite … intense.

This one in particular invokes Sobek as The Rager, and He intends it to be used to cast out that which is no longer needed. That’s the wording He used, though it is the general point of execrations in general. Part of this comes from the old tradition of casting problems or troubles to Sobek to deal with, and that’s the general gist of what this heka is to be used for.

I’ve also found that visualising smashing a pot and invoking Sobek the Rager in my mind is a pretty powerful thing on its own, if you are in need of His protection but have no capacity to do the rite. I’ve used it to deal with spirits  who are encroaching on my personal space and freaking me out to good effect. But do be careful with it if you use it like this though? I get the impression it’s quite powerful, and I wouldn’t use it indiscriminately.

Also, like the Avada Kadavra spell from Harry Potter, channelling a good amount of rage when you’re invoking Sobek will make this more powerful. But like Sobek, cool yourself down afterwards. His rage is effective at dealing with these issues, but it must be channelled appropriately, and then let go.

Things You Need:
– red pot or red piece of paper
– red ink or a red pen to write with
– something(s) to smash pot with/destroy paper with
– two candles or lamps
– incense and censer, preferably frankincense
– jug of cool water and libations bowls, enough for two separate libations. You could also add iceblocks to make sure the water is cold.
– statue or image of Sobek, and if you like, an image or statue of Ra.
– small fishing net or something that can act like a net to collect the smashed/torn pieces of pot/paper
optional: beer or spirits as an additional offering to pacify Sobek after the execration, or as additional libations. He likes strong spirits and anything green and/or shiny. I don’t drink beer, so I don’t know His preferences there. If using it for libations, use the same formulas, but change ‘cool water’ to whatever it is you’re offering, eg, I offer (this) alcohol/spirits/beer/Midori/rum/etc to Sobek’.

The Rite:
1) If possible, do ritual purifications in your preferred style. If you have a Sobek amulet, or other jewellery dedicated to Him, you should wear it. If you have frankincense oil, anoint yourself with it.

2) Light the first lamp or candle. Say:
The light of Ra banishes the darkness
And gives life to the world
May the light of Ra banish the darkness
And give new life to me

3) Light incense. Say:
May your scent surround me,
Sweet Sobek,
May your heart be purified and pacified
May you bring peace to my life

May your rage not be turned upon the purified one who stands before you.

4) Pour a libation to Sobek. Say:
I offer cool water to Sobek.
May He be cooled.
May His rage not be turned upon the purified one who stands before Him.

5) Take the red pot or red paper and write or draw on it what you wish to cast out, and if you like, how you wish Sobek to deal with it. Be as specific and as accurate as possible so His rage is focused properly. Do not give Him room to cast a wide net. (His words, not mine.)

6) Name the pot or red paper, declaring it to be that which you want to get rid of. Use a formula like, ‘Red pot/red paper, I name you as <that thing you wish to cast out>. You have no power over me.”

7) Recite the following spell over the pot or paper in a strong and forceful voice. Channel all your desire to be rid of that which you wish to cast out:
I am Sobek the Rager, in fear of whom the Two Lands tremble!
I come in terror from Bakhu, from Kom Ombo, from Faiyuum,
And from wherever my ba desires to be.
I am the fish of Heru, who brought forth the fish-trap,
and brought forth the first mound of land from the original waters.
I strike forth with violence at the enemies of Ra,
And all will tremble in fear of me.

8) Smash the pot into tiny pieces, making sure to keep all the pieces. If you are using red paper, tear up, burn, stab, or otherwise destroy the paper, and likewise, keep all the pieces. Channel all your rage and anger into the smashing and let all that go. Rage until you are exhausted. Offer it all up to Sobek to cast out, with all the pieces gathered together in a small net to symbolise Sobek gathering up all that you wish to be rid of. It is contained and it is in His hands now. Spend a moment letting it go. Feel those things being cast out of you, and welcome in the peaceful light of Ra.

If you need to, ground and centre yourself, or do whatever you need to let go of any remaining rage or anger at the thing you want to cast out. You may drink some cool water yourself, separate from the libations, to cool your rage, and drink in the calming scent of incense. Do not proceed until you’re calm and cool.

9) Light the second candle and say:
The light of Ra surrounds me
The peace of Ra surrounds me
The joy of Ra surrounds me
All that I no longer need has been cast out
And I am filled with the light of Ra

10) Offer some more incense, and say:
May your scent surround me,
Sweet Sobek,
May your heart be purified and pacified
May you bring peace to my life

May your rage be pacified by the sweet incense,
and may you not turn your rage against me.

11 ) Pour a final libation of cool water to Sobek, and say:
I offer cool water to Sobek.
May He be cooled.
May He be cooled.
May He be cooled.
May His rage not be turned upon the purified one who stands before Him.
May the Rager be pacified.May He be at peace.
May He be at peace.
May He be at peace.

12) Once you are done, dispose of the pieces of pot or paper in a natural moving body of water as soon as you can, and cast them to Sobek, so that He may take them away. If possible, cast the libations with them.

If you can’t dispose of the pieces of pot or paper into a body of water, bury them in the ground as far as possible from where you live, or throw them in the bin.

One comment on “Sobek Execration Rite

  1. faolan says:

    My daughter is putting herself and her children at serious risk by associating with a man who has a history of cruelty and violence. Just before she met him, I met Sobek via a beautiful picture and article about him, I have generally worked with Aset and Anubis, so I was curious as to why Sobek had come into my life. Now I think I know why, and what to do to protect my loved ones. Thank you

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