This site needs a new home

Honestly, I was going to come here and post a hymn to Sobek I’d written, only to find that this new unified navigation has turned up and now my wp-admin dashboard is unnavigable, confusing, and impossible to use. I’ve thought about moving the site before, when the block editor came and they deprecated the classic editor, because I find the block editor impossible to use and far too bright and hard on my eyes.

I’m conscious of wanting to make all my rituals and hymns and such accessible to everyone, and I’m probably not going to delete this site, just keep it as an archive, but I’m not sure where to move to that will make it easy to keep these resources available for everyone while also giving me a place to blog. I’m not sure what the solution is yet. I’m not averse to paying for something good that’s going to do the job for me, but I’d rather not at this stage, and the blogging landscape has changed so, so much since I last looked into this sort of thing. So this will stay for now, but there will be a new home somewhere because I can’t keep using a site that keeps making it harder and harder for me to use.

Prayers that I can find the right solution for this and find Per Sebek a new home. ❤

FYI: nshrine

In case anyone’s wondering, nshrine is apparently closing, so I’ve removed the links to the virtual shrines from the Shrine page. I was pondering reworking it anyway, so at least this gives me a reason to do so. If anyone else has any other nshrine pages still linked around the place, you might want to remove them.

It won’t change very much, I don’t think, but in lieu of nshrine, I want to see if there’s another option, or a better way to make it a good space. It really hasn’t been updated in, well. Literally years. I ported it over from the old site, which had been ported over from the old side, etc.

I want to give it a chance to reflect where my path is now, which isn’t where I was when I first set it up. Heru and Isis will probably get in there, too, but whether I keep a shrine for Sobek on His own, I haven’t decided yet.

I know it’s a bit naff having a ~virtual shrine~ on my website, but I like it. I’ve always liked having a place for people to leave prayers, whether recorded or otherwise, if they don’t have a shrine of their own, or just want to spend a moment connecting with Him. To me, this site is His temple. It’s the House of Sobek. To not have a public shrine, to me, defeats the purpose of building a House for Him.

So, that is just a small update, for now. I have other things to post about, but I wanted to post about this now, when it was brought to my attention, so you all know what’s going on if the links don’t work.

A sneak peek at new stock

A variety of shiny things

Shrine boxes and kits, altar tiles, artwork, and some prayer beads. It’s the best picture I could manage, sorry about the graininess. Listing photos will be much clearer.

So this is going up a bit later than I planned. But anyway. I’ve finally got this stuff varnished and ready to go. Everything is even priced I am that organised seriously. But I thought I’d give you all a little peek at what I’ve been working on in between 5 months of full time work during the second half of last year, and now during the Christmas break.

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been working on boxes a lot lately. I blame the op shop I volunteer at. Apart from the heart-shaped box, and the wooden box to the left of it, the other boxes have all come from my op shop. So they were dirt cheap and ready and willing to be decorated and up-cycled. Yes, even the cigar boxes. They are the latest acquisition, and I plan to decorate them in the coming weeks. Some might call this sacrilege, I call it using what’s available to me. That, and someone has actually drawn/scribbled on them, and no one wants to see that.

I have three new sets of prayer beads, with more planned in my head, once I get around to stringing them all together. The blue set, on the left, is for Nut; the other two are for Amun, because He loves a good ammonite pun.

So I’ve been putting together little shrine kits, because that’s what my brain decides is the best thing to do with little boxes. They are, for the most part, Hellenic and Kemetic, though there are two tiny little boxes with pentacles on the top that are more generic pagan, and the smaller cigar box is going to be Wiccan. The heart shaped box belongs to Persephone. She basically claimed it as soon as I bought it, and so there’s something put together there that’s a bit more specific for Her. I’ve also got specific kits for Heru and Hermes and Poseidon.

drying boxes

From left(ish) to right: golden pirate chest is Poseidon’s; two Kemetic, then Hermes; the two tiny black pentacle boxes; heart box is Persephone’s, then Hellenic, and the Eye box is Heru’s.

I also made some altar tiles/coasters/painted roundy things. Well, I mean, if I can get them cheap at Bunnings, why not, eh? I think they turned out okay. They’ve got felt backings, a) it’s neater, and b) it stops it slipping around. I’m still trying to find the best glue for it, but these ones should be okay. I had fun with the designs. I did two Hellenic, two Kemetic, two druidic, one for Hermes, and one for Heru. They’re all done with one of those gold metallic paint markers. I wanted to see if I could do a better job with a pen than with actual paint. Which I adore, but aren’t quite good at detail just yet. The silver and gold ones you can see over to the left are for the four white/metallic shrine boxes. The black ones will be listed separately.

Moar stuff

Artworks and altar tiles. The rest of the stuff that was done drying. A couple of the artworks you might recognise from other High Day posts, where they were offered as devotional pieces. But hey, I only have so much room, and no where to keep them. So they will be up for sale as well.

Anyway. That’s about all I have right now. I will be putting each new listing up here as it goes up in the shop, and since there’s a lot of them this time, I won’t do them all at once. But they’ll be going up over the next week or two, pending enough time to sit down and deal with them.

If there’s anything you’d like to see here, please let me know, and I’ll see what I can do. I’m not quite up for custom work just yet, but I”m happy to take ideas for designs or items that I might be missing. Let me know via convo at Etsy, email me at, or contact me via twitter @sashataakheru.

May the blessings of the gods be with you!


New year, new stock!

Well, I’m back from my trip to Tassie, and I’m catching up with all the things I have to do now. I’ve been working on some new shrine kits and boxes for the shop, as well as some altar tiles and some prayer beads. They’ll be going up over the next few days, once I’ve varnished/sealed all the things that need to be sealed.

I’ll do a preview post tomorrow, once I’ve got everything together, now that all the painting work is done, to let you all know what new things are going up. I’ve got my work days organised, and a lot of new things to make, so settle in for a new year of creative and devotional work.