70 Day Prayers for Bowie

70 day prayers for Bowie

Offerings of bread, honey liqueur, water, and incense.

A thousand of bread, a thousand of beer,
A thousand of every good and pure thing on which a god lives.
Go, rise, return to the starry heavens.
Shine out from the belly of Nut on the horizon.
May you go well with the gods in peace.


Trans Day of Remembrance 2015

Trans Day of Remembrance 2015//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Water, that they may be cooled.

Incense, that they may be bathed in the scent of the gods.

Flame, that the way may be lit for them.

May the gods and honoured ancestors lift them up,
May Seshat record their names.
May they rise to the heavens in peace.

May they be given a ka,
May they be given a ba,
May they know their true renu,

May they be pure,
May they be pure,
May they be pure,
May they be pure.

Skipping tonight’s elevation rite

Menstruation is a bitch. Turned up during the middle of the day. Because of course it did. Good thing I was prepared.

I’ve already closed up Sobek and Heru’s shrine for tonight. I won’t do my daily devotions tomorrow. It’s not a big deal. This is just one of those protocols we’ve developed. I don’t go to shrine on the first day of my period; it’s a self-care thing. After that, I don’t touch any statuary until I’m done bleeding. So no washing Heru’s statue. But it’s alright. It’s a way to manage it that means I can minimise the time I’m away from shrine and not break my daily devotion habits.

As for tonight, I consulted the runes to see if I should do tonight’s elevation rite. I use the Saxon runes, because Woden idk.

I first asked if I should do tonight’s ritual, and I drew Thorn. Definitely a ‘well, you could, I guess, but I’m not sure that’s such a great idea’ vibe. So that’s a no, then.

Then I asked if I should complete the nine days anyway, and I drew Rad. Bring it home, you can’t stop now. So that’s a yes, then.

I’ll check tomorrow to see if I should proceed or not or if they want me to wait another day. One way or another, all nine days will be completed. They just won’t be consecutive days. But that’s alright. It just means more writing time for me tonight. 😀

Trans Rite of Elevation

Well, I’ve got my shrine mostly organised. I did some planning at work today on the layout and positioning, and that’s mostly worked out. I’ll post some pics later, once it gets underway. I wanted to get it mostly organised before we’re due to begin on Thursday, because work, and I would not have the spoons to organise the shrine that night as well as put something together. At least now I can concentrate on finalising the liturgy I’ll be using.

Also, I have Made A Tumblr for the rite, since they’re tumblr-based, and I might as well join in there. Whether I use it after that remains to be seen. I have no love nor time for tumblr. And I will probably get around to setting up cross-posting so all my TDoE/TDoR stuff goes there. But if anyone cares, this is me: http://sobekemiti.tumblr.com/

Because I am original or something idk.

Anyway. I am way behind on my NaNoing, so I’m going to try to get even 1k done tonight, just so I don’t feel like I’ve been neglecting it for the past two days.