The Night Vigil

The Mysteries of Wesir: Night Vigil 2016

It was a bit of a different Night Vigil this year. Wesir asked for books, so I made books. One is for ritual, one is for heka. So most of my three hours or so was taken up with that. But that’s okay. I find the stitching rather calming and meditative – when the thread isn’t knotting itself every three seconds. 😡

I did some breath meditation to begin with, just sitting down with Wesir’s beads in my hands. Breathing in the breath of Ma’at, and breathing out the breath of Wesir. It was a form of purification, I discovered, as the breath I was exhaling slowly became the same golden colour of Ma’at’s breath. I might try that again and see how that works for me.

I had considered putting a playlist of music together, but that didn’t happen. The silence was nice, though. Sometimes, silence works better for me than music, because I will pay more attention to music if it’s being played, and it’ll distract me. But silence, that can let the mind wander and reflect and dream.

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Practicing my longstitch

Red vinyl longtitch journal

Apparently I still need to find a camera that can take not-grainy indoor night time photos. So sorry about that. I might do another one with a contrasting thread so you can better see how good my longstitch is getting.

I hope you’re all keen on red vinyl books, because I have a metric shit-ton of this stuff I got for cheap at the op shop I work at, so. :D?

I think this one came out better than the last one I tried, though, so there’s that. The book measures 6×7 inches/15.5x18cm, and the pages are 5.75×6.75in/~14.5x17cm in size. There’s no reason for the odd size, except for it was the best size I could get out of the scrap of vinyl I was working with.

I cut it down to two square(ish) pieces that were 13×14 inches/18x66cm, then shopped them in half to get 13x7in/18x33cm. It seemed like a decent size to work with, and it’s just big enough that I can just cut down the width of an A4 page down to 7in, and then fold it in half, and it’s big enough for the vinyl. I mean, it does use up a lot of paper, but ehhhh. Reams of bog standard white computer paper can be acquired cheaply enough for my purposes.

I have three more pieces, measuring 7x13in, so I might see what I can do with that. I think I might add in a couple more signatures. There’s nine in there at the moment, but perhaps ten might work, too. I might have to narrow the pages a bit to make room for more pages, but that’s fine. It works out well in the end.

Anyway, Imma go make more books, and practice my longstitch. Because I need the practice. And I have a LOT of vinyl I need to do things with, so.