The New Year Beckons

Wep Ronpet Preparations - Children of Nut and Geb

Preparations for Wep Ronpet. I made some new linens for the new year for Nut and Geb’s children, all hand-sewn. The (not always well-defined) ankh in the centre holds the material together, while the edging finishes it off. Nebthet has purple thread, Set has red, Heru-wer has brown, Wesir has black, and Aset has blue.

Yas, it is time to prepare for Wep Ronpet, which, for me, starts on the 27th with the first of the Days Upon The Year. Because, for some reason, I can prepare ahead of time for Kemetic festivals, I started on some new linens for the god statues, made of some white fabric I’ve had lying around in my altar cloth box for years. I am not big on sewing, but I do find it a good method of stitching magical things together, so I do it for that reason. They’re sort of shaped like the sa amulets? Each is tailored for each statue, and they are sewn together, at the centre, with a long-stitched (not always very good) ankh shape. The edges are sewed with the same thread colour to finish it off. I think they turned out alright for someone who is not a sewer.

I also wanted to do a bit of the Feast of the Dressing stuff done early, because that day, the 26th, is not only Australia Day, but I also have a family party to go to, and who knows when that will end? So it just seems easier to slowly work through those preparations now when I have the time, rather than wait and try to fit it all in during a single day.

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Sobek’s Birthday

Woo! So my calendar has a festival for Sobek’s birthday in January (Jan 12th/IV Shomu 16), and again in July (July 10th/II Peret 10). So as it’s this Wednesday, followed by a processional festival, I’ve been preparing offerings and hymns and such. I’m planning for some sort of chicken dish on Wednesday, with rum and maybe a cake. With or without a candle. 😛

I’m also writing a hymn for Him specifically for His birthday, which I’m planning to tweak a little for use at His January birthday festival. Not necessarily invoking the Solstices directly, but alluding to them, sure. I think it’d be nice to have something to use specifically for His birthday. Contemplating some sort of formal rite at sunset (since my weird UPG connects Him with the evening/Temu-Ra/the Western horizon), as well. It’s a Lord of Bakhu thing.

I think for Thursday I’ll take at least one of His icons/figures around the house and gardens (if it’s not raining), since it is meant to be a processional, and that’s kinda what you do for processionals. Except mine will be much less epic and more me, myself, and Sobek. But, y’know, I’m sure He understands that it’s just me, and I’m doing all I can.

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