Well, that happened fast

Well, I didn’t think the new naos would get done until the weekend, but dad finished it off for me while I was at work today, which is really sweet of him. We’d started gluing some of the bits together last night, but there wasn’t time, nor clamps, to finish it then. But I’m glad dad understood what I was trying to make, because this is exactly what I had in mind. All we added once I got home was a plywood base to stabilise it. It’s certainly not perfect, and it’s a bit rough in places, but to be honest, I don’t care. It’s exactly what I saw in my mind when I considered a wooden naos like this, and it suits the shrine perfectly. Having the sides open like that makes it feel smaller than it really is. An enclosed cabinet would feel too big for that space, not if it was big enough for those statues. I may paint it later on down the line, but right now, I’m happy for it to be as it is.

But then I’ve always liked my naos boxes to be semi-open, rather than fully enclosed. It makes the connections work better for me if I can see Them and touch Them, even if They sit in a naos. It’s the introvert coming out in me, I think. I have my space, the gods have Their space, but we can still see each other, and spend time with each other, if we want to.

I also love the symbolism of blue starry material being lifted up to make the roof, and to sit as a veil in front of the shrine. I have loved this material ever since I picked it up at an op shop for $5, and while I gave away some of it because there was more than I could ever use, I have enough for this. And it’s beautiful. Plus, I can do the ka embrace a lot easier with this naos than with the bodged up cardboard one. But, to be honest, if I have the roof, and some way to veil it, that’s really all I need for a naos. The rest is naos-dressing. I’m sure someone else would find this too open for them to use as a naos, but that’s fine. Others may prefer the totally enclosed cabinets, and that’s also fine. But for me, this is the way to go, and I couldn’t be happier with how it’s turned out.

Shedety Scriptorium Update – All the things!

I’ve spent the better part of most of today putting the last of the unlisted stock up on Shedety Scriptorium. I wanted to get it all up and out of the way so I could start to work on other things. Plz feel free to have a look. I’ve added a bunch of journals, one stray set of prayer beads, and some shiny round painted boxes that would make for a good portable shrine/altar.

I still have one outstanding box to work on, Hekate’s, because I don’t like the design I painted around the bottom lid, and can’t work out how to finish off the lid to match it, so I may just repaint those black, and start again. The Hekate’s labyrinth on the lid is totally staying, though, given how much time I spent trying to get it as perfect as it is.

I want to focus on making prayer beads for the next month or so, since I feel like I have enough books up there for the moment, and I don’t have the room to store much more than I currently have. (Unless you buy them and take them off my hands, that would be nice? :D) Anyway.  I need to make more Sobek and Bast beads, and I want to make more for the other gods in my life, and see how many I end up with by the time I’m done. If you have any particular deity/design requests, lemme know and I’ll see what I can do?

Prayer Beads

String of beads like a rosary in blue, red, and cream segments, with a brown metal ankh pendant at the end

A string of prayer beads for Sobek and Heru-sa-Aset, and also for Nit-Tem-Amun. The red beads are for Sobek/Nit, the blue beads are for Tem, and the cream beads are for Amun/Heru-sa-Aset.

I redid my old prayer beads last night and rejigged them into something more fitting to my path. The one above was meant to be just for Sobek and Heru-sa-Aset as the Celestial Twins (hence the crocodile and Eye pendants), but I also got nudged that they also belong to Nit-Tem-Amun, too  (Don’t worry, there’ll be a Pagan Blog Project post on Them in due course). There’s no particular set of prayers for it, though. I was more considering using them for adorations, or for meditation/quiet shrine time.

I actually made two more sets, one for Aset/Isis, and another for the Horned Goddess. I want to make another set for Hekate too, but I need some more red and black beads. All three sets are arranged in groups of nine and then a spacer bead.

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