Sobek devotional outline – now taking requests!

Hello! So I have been working on a possible sketchy draft outline for what I might include in this Sobek devotional. I want it to be more than just a collection of prayers and rituals. I want it to include things like, how to build a relationship with Him, and how to even build a regional cultus when all you have is one book, and a sketchy handful of articles. Something that explores and talks about how I built my practice up to where it is now.

IDK if that’s of any interest to anyone else, but IDK if there’s much else available for anyone else looking to build regional cultus, and even just to build a relationship with Sobek. And I keep talking about Sobek, like it’s just Him, but it’s really not. It’s Sobek and Heru and Isis and Renenutet and Wesir and Nit and it’s all a bit messy. On which, more later.

And, tbh, if I’m going to write a book like that, I feel like I should make sure I’m including all the things people would actually find useful? I’m never entirely sure what people want to know about worshipping Sobek until they ask, with the general exceptions of ‘how do I even start’ and ‘offerings???’, so getting any feedback on that would be great.

I’ll put my draft, definitely not set in stone, outline below the cut. Feel free to make suggestions or tear it apart or whatever. And feel free to pass it on to interested parties, if you know of anyone who’d be interested in a Sobek devotional like this. I may also put in a final section for other people’s devotional works, if that even wants to be a thing, just because, well. Other people worship Sobek as well, and this might be easier than trying to crowd-source enough material for an entire devotional anthology without resorting to filling half of it with my own stuff. But like I said, so much of this is a sketchy draft outline and honing it down into something I can begin to work on is the next step.

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