M is for Meditation on Existence

If there’s any advantage at all in being late with this week’s post, it’s that I needed the time to think about what to write about. I was inherently uninspired this week and then the weekend happened and I met my 8 week old niece for the first time and I finally feel like I have time to myself to think about what to write for this week’s post.

I did have Grand Plans for a post about Mary and Her relationship to me. I also thought about writing about Magic(k), but then decided I didn’t really know how to explain it in coherent words so I ditched that idea too. Then I thought about mothering, and how I relate to mothers and mothering as a queer pagan. Then perhaps some sort of post about monotheism? What about meditation? Or Ma’at?

It’s now after 11pm, and actually, I still don’t really know what to write about. Most of my weekend has consisted of babies and relatives and family, as well as proving to myself that I have no mothering instinct when it comes to babies. I have no idea what to do with babies. Cats? Sure. Cats I can do. But not babies.

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