30 Days of Sobek: Day 12 – Sobek’s Sacred Places

Sobek’s presence can be found all over Egypt, but the two places where His cult was most prominent are Kom Ombo, where He shared a double temple with Heru-Wer, and the Faiyum region in the north near the delta. The delta was also associated with Him, but His cult was particularly represented in the Faiyum.

Shedet, or Crocodopolis, was the biggest city in the Faiyum, and the centre of Sobek’s cult there. It was referred to as The Great Palace. But there were temples all over the Faiyum, and a temple to Sobek and Renenutet in Dja (Medinet Madi). Its fortunes fluctuated over the course of Egyptian history, but had significant attention and rebuilding in the 12th, and 18th Dynasties, as well as in later Greek periods as well.

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30 Days of Sobek: Day 5 – Members of the Family

Sobek has a very small family, relative to other gods in the pantheon, I think. The only family – aside from consorts – Sobek has is Nit, His mother. This is the most common family given to Him. Whatever else He is, He is always son of Nit. You don’t really get one without the other.

His father is occasionally named as Set, or the more vague and unidentifable ‘Senwy’ (the two brothers) but more often his father is not mentioned. My own UPG from Nit is that She Herself is both father and mother to Sobek, that She did not need a father for Him to bring Sobek into the world.

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Sobek’s Birthday

Woo! So my calendar has a festival for Sobek’s birthday in January (Jan 12th/IV Shomu 16), and again in July (July 10th/II Peret 10). So as it’s this Wednesday, followed by a processional festival, I’ve been preparing offerings and hymns and such. I’m planning for some sort of chicken dish on Wednesday, with rum and maybe a cake. With or without a candle. 😛

I’m also writing a hymn for Him specifically for His birthday, which I’m planning to tweak a little for use at His January birthday festival. Not necessarily invoking the Solstices directly, but alluding to them, sure. I think it’d be nice to have something to use specifically for His birthday. Contemplating some sort of formal rite at sunset (since my weird UPG connects Him with the evening/Temu-Ra/the Western horizon), as well. It’s a Lord of Bakhu thing.

I think for Thursday I’ll take at least one of His icons/figures around the house and gardens (if it’s not raining), since it is meant to be a processional, and that’s kinda what you do for processionals. Except mine will be much less epic and more me, myself, and Sobek. But, y’know, I’m sure He understands that it’s just me, and I’m doing all I can.

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