The Mysteries of Wesir

I feel I ought to have done more for the Mysteries this year, but I’ve spent the past four days putting my room back together, and I just haven’t had the time to organise anything. The night vigil is down for tonight, but I don’t know if I’ll keep the six hours. I’m not really feeling up to it tonight. Got a migraine, and I have things to do tomorrow that I don’t want to miss that mean I can’t stay up til dawn. So I might just sit in shrine for as long as my legs can stand it, recite the lamentations, and pray. Sobek said to go to Wesir tonight, so I’m not going to skip that.

It’s been really stressful the last month or so, getting the room redone. I’m at that point now where it’s done, and I don’t have to worry about it anymore. Just need my brain to catch up and relax. I had a couple of posts I wanted to make here, but they’re not ready to be done yet. Still processing them, and I need to do some proper reading to make a decent entry on Sobek Shedety, who has taken over my brain lately. But that’s for later. Maybe it’ll be good to just sit and pray in the quiet for a while. Just give in to the ritual of it all. I think I need it.

New shrines! :D

I’ve spent all day moving books and other things into my room omg. It’s all done. The floor’s done, the walls are done, the new light+fan is in, and now all I need to do is fit everything back in again. Bweee. ❤

There’s still a little out in the garage, and I still need cull some things, but at least I have a functioning room again. It’s so nice. I think it’ll take a few days to sort out where all the shrines are going, as well as all my other stuff. I have even sorted my Paganish books a little, though I might thin them out a bit. Might move all the generic fairytale/folklore books to the other shelves, and keep that one for proper Paganish things. Rae Beth’s Hedge Witch might be on the cull list, tbh, though, because it just didn’t agree with me, and I could use that space for another book I like much better. I think it has pencil marks in it, but otherwise, it’s in great condition. Has been to New Zealand and back in January 2012 or whenever it was I went to NZ. Do I keep the one book on astrology I bought in a supermarket for, like, $10, or ditch it because I never fucking do astrology. These are the questions that are plaguing my mind at the moment. Go me!

Anyway. I bring shrine pictures. 😀 I have the candles lit, and I found my frankincense cones, so I’ve got one burning atm. I have missed that smell, I really have. Myrrh just isn’t the same. (Well, yes, thank you, Captain Obvious.) I’ve got the Mysteries of Wesir shrine set up too. It’s quite pared back from previous years, but I think that’s also partly just getting used to using a new space, and figuring out what works. There aren’t any candles this year, because they’ve been stuck in boxes in my garage, but also because, well, it feels weird to, well, light up that space. Wesir’s all covered up in black, with Heru and Aset by His side, in His shrine box. I haven’t done any rituals for the Mysteries yet. I’ve been too busy fixing shrines and finding places for books and other assorted things. I want to do the Night Vigil at any rate, even if I just sit in shrine the rest of the week. But I hope I”ll have more of a mind for these things once this room is sorted out. I’ve hardly thought of anything else, and I want to get writing, and move on to other not-dealing-with-renovations things.

But enough babble. There will be moar under the cut with the photos, I daresay, so I might add the cut and get on with it.

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Artemis and Other Things

General caveat: This post is pretty much meditational logs and UPG and other assorted ~woo~ things. If you’re not interested, just skip back to the pretty shrine pictures. ❤

Specific caveat: There is discussion here about meditational things I experienced while doing the Pillars of the Naos devotions last month (March 2014), as part of the Covenant of Hekate, including the things found during the last week of meditations. If you’re currently doing the devotions, I’d avoid reading this post until you’re finished with the month-long devotions, to avoid spoilers and whatnot. Which is why it’s all under a cut, so you can’t read it unless you click through. Your choice.

And now that’s out of the way, read past the cut for epic Artemis things, and other assorted updates regarding myths, and Heru, and other things.

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..Sort of. The room is painted, but we’re still waiting for the floor to be put in. Don’t know when that’s happening. I slept in the TV room for a week while we got the room painted, but I’m back in my room now, paint-messed-up carpet and all because mum hates clutter and wanted her TV room back. Don’t know how long it’ll be until it’s done, but at least I can amuse myself by painting shelving. I still have lots to do there.

But at least you can get a sense of the shrine in its place now? I’ve still got everything in boxes, but there’s enough there for daily devotions, and for the Mysteries of Wesir. Observe:

Sobek and Heru's shrine

Note paint-messed-up carpet, and other general mess all over the place. The shelf to the right will have most of my Pagan books, once I have that all set up properly. But for now, it just has a couple of shrines, since I still need to get the wall shelves up. I plan to do a proper consecration and enshrining rite once everything’s done. Right now, it’s only half-done, and I don’t want to waste my time reconsecrating twice.

Anyway. Have some photos of the other shrines after the cut. I’ll do another post later on other assorted things that need a separate post. Like Artemis and other things.

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A Blessed Equinox!

Autumn Equinox shrine

Autumn equinox shrine, set up by the window, with what I haven’t packed away in a box yet. Offerings are rum + Coke, water for libations, and a plate of stuff: pesto made from homegrown basil, roasted homegrown pumpkin, brie, crackers, and some sliced chicken.

It feels like too long since I last updated, but at least I’ve got a decent High Day to write about now. I’ll upload the ritual I used in a bit, since I finally settled on one I was happy with. It follows the SDF ritual format, but it’s more built around Kemetic gods and cosmology. And it took me about 20 minutes, which I think is pretty good for me. And knowing it’s a set ritual, and all I need to do is worry about offerings, and perhaps writing an appropriate hymn, it’s stress-free, pretty much, which is nice.

I was a bit worried about doing it today, since I drew Thorn this morning, suggesting I should make sure I’m properly prepared before going ahead with it. Which was fine, I felt that was a fair enough warning. But I made sure I was prepared and ready, and everything turned out fine. I lit some incense, actually, and had it on the sill near the open window on the right, so it could drift out into the air and not bother me so much. It was partly how I knew the whole thing had taken about 20 minutes, since the cones I use burn for 15 minutes, and I finished probably a few minutes after it finished. I did have to use sandalwood oil to anoint myself with, since I think I packed up my frankincense a couple of days ago. But that’s alright. It worked well enough, and I do like sandalwood.

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The Night Vigil

Wesir is established

I took several photos of the shrine throughout the night, but this one is my favourite. Wesir standing tall again, showing us His face. Welcome back, my Lord. It is good to see Your beautiful face. ❤ I like that there’s still a little water caught in His eye from the purifications.

So the Night Vigil is done, and the shrine redressed for the feast of Sokar-Wesir today. In some ways, it wasn’t as long a night as if I’d kept vigil from midnight to 6am, but it was still long. The first hour is always hardest, though it became easier after the first three were over. Wanted to read out the names of my ancestors during the first hour as well, but I just didn’t have the voice for it. Did some blogging at my private WP blog during the vigil, because I was in my room and it was nice to have my computer near by to keep my thoughts in order as I waited and watched. I’ll stick ’em behind a cut, because they got quite long, though some are rather shorter than others. All are unedited.

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Preparing for the Night Vigil

Yinepu guards the body of Wesir, while Nebthet and Aset watch over Him. There is some rosemary covering Wesir's covered body underneath Yinepu.

Yinepu guards the body of Wesir, while Nebthet and Aset watch over Him. There is some rosemary covering Wesir’s covered body underneath Yinepu.

I’ve rearranged the shrine again. The big jql statues flank each side, along with Sobek and Heru-sa. Cats and Asets at the back on each side, big Djehuty, Ma’at, two canopic jars, scribe, and another jql at the back, with Ra, Wesir, and the Holy Family on top. Candles, oil burner, and libation bowl, as well as a few sprigs of rosemary in a vase finish it all off.

Still not sure how long I’ll keep vigil tonight. Tiler’s coming tomorrow to work on the bathroom that shares a wall with mine, and I’m not sure it’s wise to keep an all-nighter when someone’s going to come traipsing in at half seven in the morning. I might begin earlier, though. Parents are out tonight, and there’s nothing urgent I need to watch on tele, so maybe at 7pm, we’ll begin, so I can finish at 1am. Not ideal, but perhaps the best compromise between keeping the vigil, and not doing an all-nighter.

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Mysteries of Wesir

The Night of Death

The Mysteries of Wesir: Day 2 – The Night of Death. More on this tomorrow.

It’s been a long weekend, it seems, in terms of rituals. I had rites for Hekate on Friday and Saturday, followed by Samhain/Parentalia on Sunday. Monday marked the beginning of the Mysteries of Wesir for me, and apart from a short rite in shrine, I’ve spent the day hemming altar cloths. I’m trying to keep the Mysteries themselves quite subdued (as much as possible) because it will be long and hard, and I don’t want to burn out. Simple candles and libations every day, at the very least.

In many ways, it’s been a strange few days, though I’m not going to write about everything here. A full write-up of my Hekate and Samhain rites will be over at Navigating The Star Forest. But suffice it to say, my relationship with Hekate has shifted considerably. I feel like we’ve shifted beyond foster parent and fosterling, and become much closer. The omen I drew for my Samhain rite seemed to confirm this, so in many ways, I’m not surprised.

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Necklace for Sobek

Necklace for Sobek

My beads arrived today, so I could finally put this together. The lighting’s pretty terrible, but it’s made from carnelian, red tiger eye, and the large stones are lapis lazuli. The little silver beads are square-shaped with leaves on each side. The tooth is a genuinely genuine Australian crocodile tooth. ❤ Y’know, because I found somewhere I could buy them. 😀
Srsly considering buying a small croc skull from them too, at some point, though perhaps not right now, as I have nowhere to display it properly.

I’ll consecrate the necklace at some point, though I’m not sure when. Probably after the Mysteries, and I have time to think for five minutes. But I’ll wear it until I get a chance to properly dedicate it, since Sobek’s keen for me to wear it during the Mysteries.

I got my beads from, because AU$6 flat rate shipping! They only ship to Australia and NZ, though, but I’ll be ordering more from them, for sure. I can get all the gemstone beads I need there. 😀

[Myth] Sobek Writes Of The Birth Of Heru

This is what Sobek’s been chattering to me about all afternoon. I finally got around to writing it. Not quite what I originally had in mind, but it’s still pretty damn good, I think.

Sobek sits in the shade of a large willow tree, the waters of the Nile lapping gently against the banks. He takes up parchment, ink, and reed pen, and begins to write:

I have lived my life in the Nile. I know it as Hapi knows it, as if it were part of me. I swim its waters endlessly. I know every creature, god, and netjeri who lives in these waters. It is my life blood as it is the lifeblood of the people who live beside it. When the floods come, I ride their energy to the Delta, watching the life-giving silt spread all over the land, taking back the red land for Wesir.

I am the Lord of Kom Ombo, who lives in his carnelian temple at Bakhu. He who rages against isfet, and who guards the night boat from the demons of the Duat. I am the crocodile in the Nile, the strength of the King, and the one who forever watches. My eyes see all that exists. My teeth are sharp and brutal. I can tear flesh and bone, break bodies, and expel all that is no longer wanted. I am the fastest swimmer; none can beat me as I move through the waters. No one can navigate these waters as I can. I am Sobek, and I have seen the very first Zep Tepi.

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