Late Night Thoughts

I’ve wanted to post here for weeks, but I just haven’t had the inspiration. It’s partly due to uni taking over most of my brain’s capacity to think, which leaves me with less capacity to think about religion. Which is why I’m behind on my Kemetic Round Table posts. And my Pagan Blog Project posts. That, and the fact I’ve been dealing with two big bang novellas since IDK January and my brain is, like, totally stuffed full, and there is no room for other things.

Such is mundane modern life, of course, though that is not an excuse.

That said, I have been keeping up with everyone else’s blogs that I’m following, and it has given me some pause for thought, though I hardly think I’ll write anything myself, as I feel like it’s already been said ten times before and better than I could manage. The posts about community, and the recent KRT ones about daily life, they’ve been on my mind the most.

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Prayer Beads

String of beads like a rosary in blue, red, and cream segments, with a brown metal ankh pendant at the end

A string of prayer beads for Sobek and Heru-sa-Aset, and also for Nit-Tem-Amun. The red beads are for Sobek/Nit, the blue beads are for Tem, and the cream beads are for Amun/Heru-sa-Aset.

I redid my old prayer beads last night and rejigged them into something more fitting to my path. The one above was meant to be just for Sobek and Heru-sa-Aset as the Celestial Twins (hence the crocodile and Eye pendants), but I also got nudged that they also belong to Nit-Tem-Amun, too  (Don’t worry, there’ll be a Pagan Blog Project post on Them in due course). There’s no particular set of prayers for it, though. I was more considering using them for adorations, or for meditation/quiet shrine time.

I actually made two more sets, one for Aset/Isis, and another for the Horned Goddess. I want to make another set for Hekate too, but I need some more red and black beads. All three sets are arranged in groups of nine and then a spacer bead.

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