Painted Saxon futhorc rune set

So I finished off another set of Saxon runes this afternoon. I made them a couple of days ago, and painted them today. This time, I decided to just pinch off some clay, and roll it into a ball, and then just squash it a little to make the runes, and I think it’s resulted in more consistently shaped runes, tbh, so I might do them this way from now on.I used an old tool from my dissecting kit to press the runes into the clay.

I was going to paint them all black with red runes, but I decided to use silver and gold as well. I divided them up pseudo-randomly into three groups before painting them, so I had an almost even spread of the three colours. I want to varnish them tomorrow, though, just to protect the paint. But other than that, they’re done. Next up, when I get some more clay, some Norse runes. And some material to make bags out of. Polar fleece, perhaps. I can hand-sew that into a bag well enough.

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Almost done omg

Just a quick post about the bedroom reno. I finally finished painting ALL THE IVAR SHELVES, so now I’m finally done with that part of the job. So glad to be done with that, because omg it’s so hard to do that with hypermobile joints and you can’t sit properly and it’s raining half the time, and there’s nowhere to dry everything properly without having to paint things on the floor. (So sore right now. D:)

Anyway. Bought the bed and mattress, and now all I need is a new desk chair, which I’m putting off for a while because they’re expensive and I want one that will go with my room. We put the wall shelves up today, and the floor’s going in tomorrow. After that, it’s moving in tiem, once the electrician comes on Wednesday to fix in the new fan, and put in some new power points. Take a last look at the paint-stained skungy blue carpet. It’ll be gone tomorrow. 😀

Have a couple of photos below the cut. Expect moar once the whole thing’s done. Because then it’ll look awesome. I might even ~make a video~ omg. I’ll have to fit in the work of putting it all back together amongst my Mysteries of Wesir festivities, but that’s alright. At least it’ll all be done before that happens, which is what I wanted. Thanks, Mercurius. ❤

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Aaaand … done!

Shrine overview

Sobek and Heru-sa-Aset enjoying Their new shrine. ❤

I was a bit delayed finishing the shrine. We had a couple of days of what counts for ‘rainy’ here in Perth. The weather wasn’t right for painting, so I did other things. But it’s all done now, with its final layers of varnish, and I got it all finally screwed together after lunch. So now you all get an epic picspam because it’s DONE and it looks AMAZING and my gods like it very much. 😀

I will cut it for you to save epic page loadingz because there are pictures and text and other assorted longish things. ❤

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New Shrine – Almost Finished!

Yeah! It just needs to be varnished now, to protect it from, well, stuff. I’m quite proud of how it’s turned out, in spite of some of my questionably formed hieroglyphs. It’s still not properly put together, but I’m waiting til after I’m done with the varnishing to do that. And as you will see from the photos below the cut, I did manage to find a varnish that would work with my other paints, so I have literally spent most of the day decorating it.

NGL, it is super hard to put together hieroglyphic thingumies when you don’t have your books, and all you’ve got are three glyph fonts, and whatever you can find on the Intarwebs. I kind of had to bodge up a spelling for Bakhu since I couldn’t find one to copy. So if there is a proper rendering floating around somewhere, and I’ve bodged it up, well, sorry in advance.

Anyway, have two photos and moar rambling about things.

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New Shrine Update

Since I finally got started staining it yesterday, and I promised updates, and such. It’s coming along nicely, and I’m about halfway through now. I bought one of these Ikea tables, and I’m planning to use it as the new shrine once I get my room redone. At this stage, I’m just staining it, but I’m toying with possibly adding some decoration, depending on how well it works with the varnish I want to use to protect it. I’m pondering either painting hieroglyphic offering plates on the top, or at least making some out of craft wood so they can sit on top, and perhaps adding some kind of dedication or offering formula around it somewhere. IDK yet. I’m going to wait til I finish all the coats before I get on to testing the paints and varnish on a spare bit of wood.

This’ll be a shrine for Heru and Sobek, at this stage, with perhaps Hekate getting the lower shelf, but I’m not sure about that now, given it might be difficult for me to use, being so close to the ground. I may use it for storage of other things instead, and let Hekate sit on the wall shelves above once they’re put in. The big shrine box thingo I made before is going on the wall shelf too, as a central thing. I kind of want two long shelves above the shrine itself: the lower one will be for gods and whatnot, and I want the top to be more for ancestral things. I haven’t quite decided how high they’re going to be, though. I want to see the shrine in my room first, and find the right heights for everything then.

Anyway, have a couple of progress photos under the cut. Will update once it’s done.

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