State of the Shrines, March 2017

It’s not quite a 3mx3m square room, so you can see how little space I have to work in. But I do make it work hard, so. That’s something, I guess.

So, it’s the Equinox, and this feels like the right time to post about this, given where I am with my #domagick work. I haven’t done any formal rituals for the Equinox just yet, but I’m saving that for Thursday, I think, when I have more brain to sort them out. I also have some videos I need to upload to youtubes, but they are too big, and my internet too slow, to get that done tonight, so. That is another job for Thursday.

If you haven’t been keeping up with my #domagick posts, you can read all about my fire magic experiments over at the Grimoire. I’ve been doing some self-transformation work, and a helluva lot of decluttering, and a lot of that work is starting to come to a close as we enter the week before the Deipnon. I plan to post more about that over here when it’s done, sort of like a summary post, but for now, go read the Grimoire for your day-by-day #domagick posts.

So, since I didn’t get around to this at Wep Ronpet, here’s a belated Equinatorial State of the Shrines for another year.

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Hekate’s Deipnon July 2016

It has been a very intense Deipnon this month. For the first time, I could feel things other than the gods around when I went to meditate, and fought one of them with my knife. I warded the grove where I usually meet Hekate, and once that was done, we could talk. I am grossly oversimplifying this, but it’s late, and I don’t have the time to write about it now.

The restless dead were very present, and that’s a new experience for me. I wasn’t afraid, just weirded out. But then I was with Hekate, and it was okay. It was then that I became aware that some of the dead were those killed in Orlando, and through Hekate, they helped me figure out the last little pieces I needed to do ritual for them, which I do owe them. So they’ll get offerings tomorrow for noumenia, then a proper ritual later in the week. I’ll also do the 70 day prayers for them.

Which makes me think it might be time to bring back the 6th Day Ritual, and begin monthly offerings to the ancestors. I might rejig the ritual I used to use, because it never really felt complete enough. I’ll set it for the sixth day after noumenia. I’ll start with the queer ancestors, and see where we go from there.

Anyway, have a video of my shrine from tonight’s deipnon. IDK why I’ve felt drawn to video my shrines now when I’ve never done that before, but okay, sure. This seems to be my thing for the moment. Apologies for the shakycam, didn’t have time to correct/redo because it’s late and I have work tomorrow, so.

Trans* Rite of Ancestor Elevation

So I’ll be starting this tonight, which will, admittedly, be later than most people who are almost a few days into it, but Australian Time Zones, man. I’m 12 hours ahead of US Eastern time, so I didn’t see the final prayer til yesterday morning (the 13th). I felt it would be better to take a bit of time to decide on what prayers to use and how to structure them within the ritual itself, and pick out the books I wanted to use to elevate the shrine (cos that just feels important, y’know?), rather than rush it and potentially screw it up. For this kind of important ritual, I really need a day at least to prepare, and for one that lasts nine days, well, I’d rather get the prayers right first time round, than feel like it’s not working three days in. I won’t finish in time for TDoR, but I will finish in time for our city’s Pride March, so. But, y’know, better late than never.

I’ll do an altar post with the prayers I’m using later, once I get the first day done, just so you can see how I’ve rearranged my ancestor shrine for the rite. I’m not doing it on the floor, because I can’t actually sit on the floor for rituals because hypermobile joints hooray! So it’ll be the ancestor shrine on a shelf instead. Since I shifted all the books from behind the main ancestor shrine to the top shelf above the Artemis/Isis/Hekate shrine shelf, I had a bit more room to work with, and it’s given me some ideas for how to use the space once the rituals are over. Which also reminds me that I have changed things around a bit, and I ought to do a proper shrine update post, because yes. Midnight urges to rearrange shrines are a Thing I get, apparently.

Also, in case anyone was wondering where all my Coronation hymns went, well, I was hit with a migraine two days in, and it knocked me out for six three days, and so I only have scraps of things written. What I will do, though, to make up for it, is get them written in my own time, and once I rearrange the calendar/Wheel section better, I’ll include them all there for anyone else who wants them.