It’s Samhain today. I had Actual Plans. I was going to do Rituals. I was going to decorate my altar and mark the day properly, perhaps with some sort of ancestor rite too, as well as other Significant Sabbat-y Things. But my body has thrown all those plans aside and decided it’s the appropriate day to begin menstruating. -_-

So there will be no rituals. I just don’t feel up to it, and anyway, Aset/Isis doesn’t like me touching Her things when I’m bleeding, so I’ll refrain for now. But the one thing I did want to do, which was to commit to veiling fulltime as much as feasibly possible, between now and Yule, I think is still possible. Just not in a full-blown Proper Ritual sort of thing.

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I is for Isis and Aset

I suppose this is the bit where I talk about Aset and Isis and how I don’t necessarily view Them as Completely Separate Deities, nor the same Name for the same Goddess. They’re kind of both, for me. Syncretic. IDK. This isn’t a historical thing either, because you can just look up Henadology or Wikipedia or something if you want to know more about Her.

As a caveat, I’m not trying to offend anyone with this. It’s my own opinion on how I see things, and it works for me. This isn’t the Only Way To See Isis and Aset Forever and Ever And Everyone Else Is Wrong either. It’s just how I see Them. If you see Them differently, we’ll just have to agree to disagree and keep on with what works for us, even if it’s different.

Also, I will tend to refer to Aset and Isis as separate Names, and as ‘Them’, but it’s more to emphasise the fact that I don’t see Aset and Isis as One and the Same Inseparable Being. They are … different aspects, perhaps. Like, perhaps, Sekhmet-Hethert, as two sides of the same coin, but still with separate personalities as much as They are tied together. That’s kind of how I see Aset/Isis. Sort of. In a manner of speaking. /not entirely sure.

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H is for Heru-sa-Aset and Harpocrates

This week, I’m going to discuss Heru-sa-Aset and Harpocrates, for no real reason other than I want to talk about Herus. I don’t think there’ll be much repetition from the Celestial Twins entry, but apologies in advance if there is.

Before I was divined in mid-2006, I had perhaps only one encounter with a Heru. A meditation in a nice warm bath, where I saw brown wings stretching across my face protectively. That was about it. I’d never been particularly drawn to any of the Herus, and this event remained isolated and something of a curiosity.

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G is for Graeco-Roman Kemetic

The topic I’ve chosen for this week is ‘Graeco-Roman Kemetic’, a phrase that I’m tentatively using to describe my path (or what will eventually become my path). It sounds like a strange description, and perhaps something at odds with many reconstructionists who might think I’m somehow doing it wrong to have a syncretic path of these three cultures/religions, rather than follow a pure path. But I’ve been glomped on by too many different Gods from all three cultures to avoid syncretism anymore.

I’ve been a Kemetic practitioner for most of my Pagan life. Isis was the first Goddess I ever had any experience with, before Djehuty and Sobek came along. I learnt Egyptian religion and theology, I learnt the ritual style, the language, and cosmogony. I was born of Kemetic Gods; my heart and soul belong to Them above all others. I am Egyptian first.

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G is for Gender, Queerness, and the Gods

I’ve had this image of a Goddess in my head for a few weeks now. She came to me in the midst of a Beltaine fire. The only name for Her I have is the Horned Goddess.   She is – one of Her breasts has scars/marks on it; it has both been removed and built at the same time. The other is untouched. Her genitals are of indeterminate gender, female, but also male, and neither at the same time. But She has wide hips and a feminine appearance, as well as large stag antlers on Her head. She wanted me to draw Her; which I managed, I think, in this sketch. (NSFW; She is naked, after all.) (Black background is for contrast; it’s not a great scan.)

She is some sort of transgendered Goddess, some sort of strange forest Goddess who seems to embrace all sorts of forms of Femininity, not just those who have been born female. (I suspect She may be a bit more queer than just female, but I have nothing to support this at the moment.) I find Her incredibly intriguing, and I don’t know if She’s a totally new Goddess, or an older Goddess in disguise. But She keeps on hanging around on the fringes of my mind, and I have no idea what She might want. That She came to me in connection with Beltaine, the one Sabbat I find very hard to get my head around as a genderqueer pagan, I don’t think is a coincidence.

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E is for Eclecticism, Research, and Reconstructionism

I’ve often thought it an odd combination, to be an eclectic reconstructionist, which is why I don’t tend to call myself a reconstructionist. It doesn’t fit in with my path, and the two are more at odds than I’d like. Still, I haven’t really done a cohesive post on the topic of eclecticism, research, and reconstructionism before, so I thought now might not be a bad time to do it. That, and I lacked other ideas for this week, so. This is what you’re getting.

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The Mousai Titanides (The Elder Muses)

Since this is something of a spiritual blog, I might as well talk about these three Goddesses, since I appear to be the only one who’s ever tried to work with Them. I’ve made a virtual shrine for the Three over here, so feel free to light a candle and say a prayer if you feel you need some inspiration. I’m sure They wouldn’t mind the extra attention.

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