F is for Festivals

Late post is late, but it’s finally done! I swear, I am really bad at getting these done recently, particularly when I haven’t started them and have NFI what I wanted to talk about. I must try to prepare more of these in advance so I’m not starting from scratch all the time. (And stop changing my mind about what to write about.)

But this week, I’m writing about Festivals! I’m including all kinds of festivals, Sabbats, Kemetic, and other assorted ones. In some ways, I think it’a bit pointless to talk about as I don’t often celebrate festivals, let alone with actual rituals, but they are important to me even if I don’t always mark them with anything elaborate. I’ve got a post lined up to talk about ritual, and another for the Wheel of the Year and calendars, so I’ll save talking about those at great length and concentrate on the festivals themselves.

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E is for Eclecticism, Research, and Reconstructionism

I’ve often thought it an odd combination, to be an eclectic reconstructionist, which is why I don’t tend to call myself a reconstructionist. It doesn’t fit in with my path, and the two are more at odds than I’d like. Still, I haven’t really done a cohesive post on the topic of eclecticism, research, and reconstructionism before, so I thought now might not be a bad time to do it. That, and I lacked other ideas for this week, so. This is what you’re getting.

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