Hekate’s Deipnon July 2016

It has been a very intense Deipnon this month. For the first time, I could feel things other than the gods around when I went to meditate, and fought one of them with my knife. I warded the grove where I usually meet Hekate, and once that was done, we could talk. I am grossly oversimplifying this, but it’s late, and I don’t have the time to write about it now.

The restless dead were very present, and that’s a new experience for me. I wasn’t afraid, just weirded out. But then I was with Hekate, and it was okay. It was then that I became aware that some of the dead were those killed in Orlando, and through Hekate, they helped me figure out the last little pieces I needed to do ritual for them, which I do owe them. So they’ll get offerings tomorrow for noumenia, then a proper ritual later in the week. I’ll also do the 70 day prayers for them.

Which makes me think it might be time to bring back the 6th Day Ritual, and begin monthly offerings to the ancestors. I might rejig the ritual I used to use, because it never really felt complete enough. I’ll set it for the sixth day after noumenia. I’ll start with the queer ancestors, and see where we go from there.

Anyway, have a video of my shrine from tonight’s deipnon. IDK why I’ve felt drawn to video my shrines now when I’ve never done that before, but okay, sure. This seems to be my thing for the moment. Apologies for the shakycam, didn’t have time to correct/redo because it’s late and I have work tomorrow, so.


Libations for Reza

Libations for Reza Berati

Incense and flame for a young asylum seeker who died on Manus Island last week. Aset and Nebthet watch over the rite.

I don’t really like writing about politics here on this blog, because I don’t usually feel it’s appropriate, but you’ll have to bear with me for once, because this is important to me to post about.

I don’t know how many of my readers are aware of the way Australia – my country – treats asylum seekers, but it’s pretty fucking appalling. The recent riots on Manus Island, part of Papua New Guinea where Australia has an offshore processing centre, have resulted in protests tonight, organised by GetUp!. It’s a candlelight vigil for the man killed during those riots, Reza Beruti, and, for me, all the others who have died on our watch, in our care. (Check the twitter hashtag #lightthedark.)

I almost went to the Perth rally tonight, but I’ve been around people for the past three days at the Perth Writers Festival, and just didn’t have the spoons for one final event. But I did pray tonight. I went to shrine, I lit candles and incense, and I prayed my 6th day festival prayers, prayers to Wesir and the ancestors, changed for this specific purpose. I think I cried almost the whole way through it, which made it difficult to say the prayers, but it was what I felt I could do. It might not be much, but I couldn’t do nothing.

I poured out the water onto Woden’s shrine. It’s hard walking down the side of the house at night, as there’s little light except what comes from my bedroom window, and the mulch hurts my feet. I grazed an ankle coming out. But I feel I’ve done my bit, small though it is.

Woden’s arrived!

Woden's shrine

Dodgy photo quality is a little dodgy, but I think it’s clear enough. Rearranged the runes, kept the horse, and shifted a few things around. Feels like a proper shrine now.

On a Wednesday, obviously. 😀 I now owe Mercurius an offering, since I did ask Him to make sure Woden arrived safely and swiftly. (Mercurius and Wednesday is a Thing, too, right? Or is that just my brain being weird and half-remembering things about the Latin day of the week names that isn’t quite right?) I’ll see if I can get Him some coins or something. …Wait. This is the point at which I just hand over my entire coin collection to Him, isn’t it? Yes, I think it is. (Thanks for the prompt, Mercurius.) And then figure out what else to offer Him, once He has all my coins. XD

I’ll make an offering to Woden this evening, after I do my 6th day festival libations at sunset, to welcome Him into my home and begin getting to know Him. Might just start by sharing a drink with Him, which He’s indicated He’s happy to accept, at least for now, and work up to something more formal once I have a better idea of what I’m doing and what He likes. He’s given me a place to start, so we’ll see where things go from there.

(ETA: Have added one more photo at the end after the cut.)

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