30 Days of Sobek: Day 11 – Festivals, Holy Days, and Sacred Times

It’s a good thing I’ve already done this work, so this is just a lazy matter of copypasta. That said, beyond the calendar, my own UPG associates Him with winter, and Heru with summer. Sobek brings the winter rains that quench the thirsty land after the summer. He brings fertility and life to the land. He is the winter storms and the cold air, and the warmth of snuggling up in bed.

See, winter here in Western Australia isn’t snowy. It never gets that cold. It’s just wet and stormy and cold. So Sobek’s energy works really well for this time of year, and in some ways, makes up for the fact that I celebrate Wep Ronpet in the middle of summer, because that’s the only way I can get the calendar to work down here.

I also tend to think of the winter/summer split in terms of which one is here, and which one is busy in the otherworld. And winter is the time of the Mysteries, and Heru is busy taking care of His dad, so that’s why He’s far away in winter. In summer, Sobek has to take care of Wesir, and so that’s why He’s far away. They have this sine wave cyclicity.

I suspect the deeper I delve into those cycles, the more clear I’ll be able to be at explaining it. I have often thought about Sobek and Heru together as the night boat and the day boat, where Heru carries Ra through the sky during the day, and Sobek carries Ra under the earth at night. Which reflects some of the Book of the Faiyum mythology. Zep Tepi is all about renewal, how the sun keeps rising, how each new day is a little first moment of creation. That sense of cyclical, spiralling time I sort of nicked from Dinotopia, but it makes a lot of sense in terms of how the world works, and how time works, I think.

But this isn’t an entry about Theories About Time, so have a calendar list. I’m copypasting here for completion more than anything else, or I might just lazily link to the list I’ve already done. But there you go.

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Current List of Sobek’s Festivals and Holy Days

Okay, so now that I’ve got my hands on The Ancient Egyptian Daybook at last (as an ebook, but it still counts), I’ve finally taken the time to go through and pick out all the Sobek festivals and holy days in there, and combining it with the list from the Soknopaios Nesos temple Chelsea compiled and sent me ages ago (thank you!). This is about as complete as the list is going to get, unless someone releases another book just about Sobek festivals that is more complete.

I still need to go through and compile other festivals, for Heru, Isis, Wesir, and Renenutet, and perhaps a few others, so I can get the Shedety daybook done, but at least Sobek’s is now done, and I post it here for reference. So that’s one less thing to worry about.

Sobek spends a lot of time being a Time Lord in the season of Peret, which I find very interesting and appropriate, and yes, I listed all the times He was listed as a chronokrater, on top of other festivals. I think it gives a more interesting picture of His festival year. He also rules two months, and has two full moons given to Him in the season of Shomu.

I’ll link this up properly over at my Calendars page (which I still need to edit I am terrible at web maintenance), but for now, I’ll post the calendar I have right now, and you can observe it from here. Sources listed at the end, though most of the legwork wasn’t mine. Grateful for any additions or corrections anyone has.

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