New Blog: Navigating The Star Forest

Because apparently I don’t have enough blogs on WP already, I made a new one for ramblings about druidry and hearth things and ancestors and such, after getting some clearer indications that it’s something I should look into with more depth:

Navigating The Star Forest

Because, y’know, it felt weird to use this blog to write about those things, so they’re going over there where I can keep them organised. (This is Sobek’s space, after all, rather than a general religious blog. He wants it to go elsewhere.)

No idea where this new (sub?)path will go, but I never bloody know where I’m going anyway, so this is hardly a new experience. (Thanks, Sobek, ILU too.) I feel like a lot of this is more about the wider foundations/connections and ancestral things, rather than the personal religious practice I have at the moment. But we’ll see. I’m hoping it’ll make all the bloody forests make sense, since they keep turning up and it’s bugging me like mad.

I will probably do PBP over there too, given that it’s a) running next year, and b) I’ve just looked at the draft topic list I wrote months ago for next year and it’s much more suited to there than here. Already planning Hestia vs Vesta blog because reasons.

Follow it, if you like, if you’re interested in keeping track of where I end up with this.


R is for Ritual, Reflection, and Rebooting the System

I’m at a bit of a loss for focus this week. Far too many R related things have come to my attention, but I’m not sure I have the brain power to fully devote an entire post to them just yet. I had actually planned to write about ritual this week, and what ritual means to me. Because I don’t think I’ve written about that too much at all? Or maybe I have. IDK.

So anyway. Ritual! And then other reflecty type things, in which I tl;dr about all manner of things relating to Gods and such. I probably should’ve called this post R is for Rambling! Because that’s pretty much what this is. But it doesn’t sound as impressive as the title above does. 😛

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Q is for Questioning and Doubt

I’ve been a little busy lately, and I’ve got one P post to catch up with. IDK if it’ll be the Pokémon one though. I’ve written about four drafts, and hated all of them, so maybe I’ll have to think of something else for P. Or, alternatively, try drafting the fucker one more time to see if I can make it say what I want it to say. Either way, I owe you another P post, so that should turn up at some point. My Fridays are too busy atm. D:

I also wanted to do Queer Paganism for one of my Q entries, but I still don’t know what to write about that either, so I’m going to leave that one for next week, or, alternatively, until I have more of an idea of what it is apart from ‘I DON’T KNOW’ and ‘QUEER GODS YAY’, which wouldn’t make for much of a post.

So, in light of that, this week’s is about questioning and doubt. Because I’ve been feeling a lot of that lately as well, and it’s been on my mind. I’ve been having this period where I’m just disconnected from everything. I know the Gods are there; I just can’t feel Them. I don’t often feel that way, but it kind of hit me hard, and I wasn’t expecting it. I was trying to get back into the habit of daily devotions, and the rite I was using wasn’t calling to me. I felt like I was just going through the motions, and there was no reason to do it. I didn’t feel anything for it, so I stopped.

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O is for Ostara

Ostara. Ostara. Well. I did promise myself I’d do a post for each of the Sabbats. It’s just that Ostara isn’t a particularly significant one for me. I mean, it’s a nice Spring festival. I can’t deny that. But I can’t say I’ve ever marked it with much consistency. Or at all. (Have I done any Ostara rituals? I can’t remember.)

*checks digital BoS for any Ostara rites*

*finds two*

Oh. OH. I used the Sabbat for rededication rites. Now I remember. No wonder it’s something of a meaningless Sabbat for me. I never actually mark it. I just do rededication rites.

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O is for On Your Own

I could do this topic under ‘s’ for Solitary Practice, but I’ve already got Samhain and Sobek down for my S topics, so this is what I’ve got left. And I think ‘on my own’ is broad enough to cover all the various ways in which I’m on my own, so perhaps it’s better I write about this here than under ‘Solitary’.

I’ve always been a solitary Pagan. Mostly out of choice, and partly out of having no one else to practice with. I think practing with someone else only works if you share enough of a religious path to feel like you’re both doing the same things. But I think my path is one that is so much my own that finding someone else with enough in common would be quite difficult.

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N is for Names

Craft Names and other religious names come up a lot in Pagan circles. The idea of taking a new religious name as a way of ‘being born’ into your new path isn’t one that’s unique to Wicca and Paganism. I’ve heard of similar traditions in Judaism, Islam and Hinduism, at least with regards to converts, though there are probably others too that I’m not aware of.

Taking a new religious name is a way of naming yourself. Most of the time, we’re given names by our parents, ones we don’t choose and have to live with unless we decide to change them and pick something else. Choosing your own name can be a powerful experience, and it can bring a lot of confidence with it. ‘This is who I really am’, ‘this is what I want the world to call me’, these are powerful things one can do, and sometimes give a sense of control over your own identity. Sometimes, too, it’s a way of escaping a name you were given but have never identified with for whatever reason. People choose names for themselves for a variety of reasons, and this extends to choosing religious or Craft names for Pagans. Because names are such a personal thing, I try not to judge people based on their chosen Craft names, even if they sound daft. You never know, that person calling themselves Merriweather Moonshine might have some very good reasons for using that name that you might not be aware of. So I try to respect that.

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K is for Know Thyself

I don’t know why I feel like tackling this topic today more than any other topic. I was going to write about Kom Ombo, but I feel that’s better placed as a subpage about Sobek’s history and His Cult centres (that requires more research than I can currently do right now).

I feel like writing about ‘know thyself’ is the most pointless thing in the world. Other people have talked about it and written about it probably better than I will. I also feel some of what knowing yourself means involves what’s known as shadow work, delving inside yourself to meet that shadow and embrace your whole self. For me, it’s internal work, and has nothing to do (much) with external presentation or ‘just being myself’. I find that … too shallow, at least for me. It’s not as simple as that, otherwise it wouldn’t be so important. I don’t know if this was ever the intended Greek meaning of the maxim (I’ve read a few different interpretations but I’m not well-read enough to know which is the most accurate), but it’s how I approach it, and how I think many modern Pagans approach it too.

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D is for Dear Diary…

This week, I’m going to write about diaries. Spiritual diaries and journals in particular. In some ways, this feels like a bit of an odd topic, but for lack of other ideas to write about, I’m going to follow the Muses and see where I end up.

I’ve always been an inconsistent diaryist, even before I got engrossed in the land of blogging. I keep them all, of course, but my handwritten diaries are all half-empty. I’ve got so many journals and books half-filled with my thoughts, but the possibility of repurposing them as ordinary notebooks is inconceivable. They’re diaries. That’s what they’ll stay, even if I’ve only used half the book and won’t keep writing in it any longer.

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