Adorations for the Gods

I’ve added a new page for Adorations. I’ve currently got six sets up there, and I’m planning a few more. I’m planning to use them for my prayer beads, for something to start with when doing contemplative/meditative work.

Feel free to use them yourself, or mod them up to suit your own needs.

I’ve currently got adorations for Sobek, Heru-sa-Aset, Harpocrates and Suchos, Amun, Nit, and Temu.

I also have a version tied to one of my prayer bead sets, which I’ll share below. I wrote this first, actually, and from there, expanded what I had into individual adorations for the Gods. The concept came to me as I lay in bed with them the day after I’d made them, meditating on each bead to see what story they wanted to tell me. This is what they told me.

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