V is for Veiling A Shrine

Look! A wild PBP post appeared! 😀

Y’know, I’m half convinced my muses have taken the last few weeks off, because I gave it three exams and NaNo to deal with in November, and I think they’re all bloody exhausted. Have done little writing in December, and even less on the PBP posts I need to catch up with. I still feel a little braindead, tbh, but gaming has helped. I’d forgotten just how damn pretty the water in Age of Empires III is. ❤ *makes yet another British Home City to play with* And, y’know, my GenII Pokémon games won’t play themselves, so. Distractions ahoy! 😀

Nevertheless, I persevere. I want to get all these done by the end of the year, dammit, even if I’m up late on New Year’s Eve and post the last one at 11:59pm. I WILL GET THEM ALL DONE. Even that last P post I kept procrastinating on. 😀 So I’ve sat meself down and got three done. This one, the next V one, and the first W post. Progress! 😀 Will post the other two tomorrow, I think.

Anyway. Enough of my rambling. I thought I’d tackle shrine veiling for this post because it’s something I’ve done for most of the time I’ve been Pagan, and I don’t know if anyone else actually does it, so I thought I’d take some time to talk about why I veil my shrine and what it means to me. And, IDK, if anyone else does it, do let me know? I’d love to know I’m not the only one who does this.

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It’s Samhain today. I had Actual Plans. I was going to do Rituals. I was going to decorate my altar and mark the day properly, perhaps with some sort of ancestor rite too, as well as other Significant Sabbat-y Things. But my body has thrown all those plans aside and decided it’s the appropriate day to begin menstruating. -_-

So there will be no rituals. I just don’t feel up to it, and anyway, Aset/Isis doesn’t like me touching Her things when I’m bleeding, so I’ll refrain for now. But the one thing I did want to do, which was to commit to veiling fulltime as much as feasibly possible, between now and Yule, I think is still possible. Just not in a full-blown Proper Ritual sort of thing.

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