A Voice Offering To Sebek

I present here a dedication to Sobek and the Gods, that He may bless my work and inspire me. May I take this time to dedicate all I may write here to You Sobek, that I may grow and learn from what I write here.

I offer a voice offering to the Heavens, to You Netjeru…

In the deepest space,
where the Universe once grew,
An ancient being stirs
from the Deepest Waters
A low growl echoes across time and space,
the waters of the Nun quiver with excitement
The Universe heightened with anticipation
Land is about to be born

The green mass emerges,
water dripping off Its back
Two yellow eyes watching,
As Creation unfolds

Rising triumphant from the Chaos,
Sebek emerges as a mountain,
Creating the Land
where the World shall dawn

Djehuty The Self-Created
He births the Cosmic Egg
To sit upon the Land
Where the Sun shall soon be found

With a crack the shell breaks,
and Sunlight shines forth
Til soon the Sun is free
And the First Dawn is risen!

From those cosmic, ancient beginnings,
Sebek exists throughout time
Ancient and wise,
He brings strength to His Children

In this modern time,
He called to me,
Until I heard His Voice,
I am bound, Chosen, His

Unescaping my Father,
There is a deeper connection than I can fathom,
A love so strong, so ancient,
It goes beyond my soul

I create for You an oasis,
a paradise in the cosmic desert,
where we may commune and learn
and where my thoughts reside

For this is a sacred space,
set aside for Sebek and the Gods,
Where the music sings through the palm branches of time
and the stellar sand is warm to lie down on.

Strong Sebek, Lord of the Nile,
Healer, Protector, Divine One,
May You scout the path ahead of me,
and not lead me into strife.

Strong Sebek, my Father,
May I lie with You by the riverside,
Our beings becoming one
As you teach me, hold me,
Filling me with Your wisdom.

Hail to Thee, You Netjeru!
A thousand praises I offer,
Bestow on me Your blessings,
May we always walk together.

Dua Sebek! Dua Djehuty! Dua Netjer! Nekhtet!

Your Devoted Servant,
“Sobek is my Daddy”

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