I stumbled across the idea of writing adorations some time ago, via this blog, and finally took the time to write a few. Some are tailored to my prayer beads, and I’m still working on some of them, but I’ve now done adorations for Sobek, Heru-sa-Aset, Nit, Temu, and Amun, as well as a short combined one for Harpocrates and Suchos.

Some are real epithets, others are my own words. If you find them inspiring, feel free to put them to your own use. You may modify them and make your own set from mine; if you put them online, I’d appreciate a link back.

Still to come:
– Aset/Isis
– the Horned Goddess
– Serapis/Wesir/Osiris (I know they’re not the same, but I haven’t decided which yet)
– Sobek&Heru-sa-Aset as Celestial Twins

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