Djehuty, my Guide, Teacher, and Magician

Djehuty’s been the most fun, I have to admit. Despite other claims, He can be a surprising amount of fun, especially when He’s near chemicals. He really enjoyed my chemistry labs. He likes chemistry. He was almost as bad as our lecturer, wanting to experiment with everything and generally getting very excited. He likes explosions. He loves experimenting with anything. But, that might just be because I’m the chemistry science type. He seems to like molecular biology too. DNA fascinates Him. He thinks it’s fascinating, this tiny molecule that makes up all life on Earth. I have a feeling He admires the simplicity and the ingenuity of it. He’s always been really interested during labs where DNA is involved, though I don’t think He enjoyed Forensic Genetics as much as I did. I think it was a bit too morbid for His tastes, and I suppose seeing a sheep corpse decompose on video was a bit gross, what with all the maggots, but the rest was fascinating!

He seems to be enjoying my new course in human biology. He’s turned up at my Human evolution classes, seemingly listening with great intent. Even Lord Set graced Monday’s class with His presence, though I’m not entirely sure why. He seemed to be having a discussion of sorts with Djehuty, or that’s what it felt like to me. Though, I gotta add, I’ve never felt Djehuty so excited as in my Systems Physiology class. We’ve started the cardiovascular system, and we started with heart anatomy. Throughout the lecture, I had Djehuty bouncing next to me, excited as anything about the heart. Maybe it’s no coincidence I came across a site selling anatomically correct heart chocolates.

I blessed my calligraphy set and offered it to Djehuty. He also has my dream journal. I tend to bless and dedicate any important books to Him, including books I use at uni. Well, we can always use a little help with study, and I think He enjoys it too. He’s fascinated with DNA. Oh, He’s on my lab coat as well. Can be very trying in a lab you’re not interested in when He’s getting excited at the possibility of mixing things together you aren’t supposed to be mixing. There’s this little nagging voice, “What if we mixed this together with that one?” “Not a good idea.” “Come on, I wanna see what happens!” “I don’t think so.” And so it goes on. Likes drumming.

I’ve never really experienced the quiet side of Djehuty, though every now and then I can hear Him laughing at something I’m reading on any of the forums I go to, and occasionally, He smirks at me. And He keeps telling me to finish my stories. It’s no use saying, “But Djehuty, I have to study!” He’ll just tell me to keep writing. Hence, I’ve been obsessed with one story since January last year. It’s now 151 pages long and it has the makings of a sequel in the works. *shakes head* If He does this during my new course, I’m going to be seriously pissed off. He’s never satisfied with my stories. And I’m certain He’s responsible for the story that so preoccupied me last year. I suppose I’ve had the least amount of direct experiences with Djehuty, or at least, not the type of experiences I’ve had with Aset and Sebek.

Oh, wait. I forgot one. About two months ago, He decided I required a trip to the emergency ward, even though I’m completely healthy. Somebody decided that even though the small pain I had in my chest wasn’t serious, it was best to go anyway, just in case. So mum and I spent three hours there. I had an ECG and some chest x-rays. The doctor pronounced me “disgustingly normal” and sent me home. I’m still not entirely sure why I was supposed to go, but if Djehuty’s satisfied… *looks mystified*

I was always drawn to Him, probably because of His scribe nature, and being a writer myself, I was attracted to Him because of that. And I’m still searching for a statue of Him, an incredibly difficult thing to find, it seems. I saw a gorgeous one in a shop recently, beautiful silver and gold, huge, but I didn’t dare ask how much it was considering the one next to it was over a hundred dollars! Ouch! Meantime, I’m still looking for the right statue.

2 comments on “Djehuty

  1. This is exactly why I love reading other people’s experiences with the Gods. I get to see other sides of Them I haven’t seen or experienced before.
    He’s only showed me His serious, frowned side. And His bidding to ‘write’ is too compelling to ignore. He’s responsible for the story I’ve been writing in the past months. And whenever I put pen on paper, it keeps flowing and getting longer than I had previously thought. I dedicate my calligraphy endeavours to Him as well, and some books are not actually mine, they’re His 🙂

    Thank you so much for this, was awesome to read!
    It actually gave me some insight as to why I was so obsessed with chemistry when I was younger 😉

    • Sashataakheru says:

      Yeah, that’s kind of why I tend to favour that sort of writing when I talk about the Gods. Anyone can look up historical records about Them, and I find it quite dull. I’d rather share my experiences, as I think those are the things we can get the most out of, even if we have different paths. I should probably update this post too, as it’s about 4-5 years old. It’s one of those remnants from my old site that I never updated since I reactivated this site.

      Djehuty was a lot of fun in my chemistry labs, that’s for sure. He did enjoy those a lot. Trying to remain composed when you have an inquisitive God hovering about and you’re not keen to make everyone think you’re mad is hard, that’s for sure. But I just love that curious side of Him. Amun has it too, to a certain degree. It’s like, They’re both intensely interested in humans and what they do. It’s almost scientific, but it’s more … joyful. I think that’s it. Yeah.

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