Monthly Rituals: Kemetic Household Rituals

Household religion is a somewhat neglected aspect of Kemetic religious practices. We know very well how to worship the gods as if we were in the temples, but this feels incomplete without the household practices to go with it. I feel it would make the practice of Kemetic religion feel much more whole and work much better with the calendar.

I don’t know if anyone else has attempted to write household rituals before. I have never found anything to suggest they have, but they may just never have posted them online. So this is my attempt to fill the gap, and give at least some places to begin when approaching this practice. They’re not designed for either a civil/solar or lunar calendar, so use whatever you currently use. I’ll probably use lunar for now, because that’s what I’m used to, but when I have the Shedety Daybook complete, I will probably switch to a civil cycle for these rites.

As is the case with all my rituals, you are totally free to change or modify them as you please to suit you and your gods. If you post your versions online, all I ask is attribution and a link back to the page. Other than that, go for your life.

Household Rituals: