I’m a bit behind on these things, so I’m only now getting around to adding my Greek gods. Hekate was the first Greek god I ever met.She first came across my radar when a fellow Kemetic got involved with the formation of the Covenant of Hekate (or was there in the beginnings of it, at any rate), and I remember being intrigued by it, but not enough to join. And so I sort of ignored it for the most part.

But then She actually turned up. While I was on holiday. In New Zealand. I was passed on to Her by Sobek in January 2012, because there were things only She could teach me. I was a little apprehensive, as She was a god I’d heard all kinds of things about, with a reputation a lot like Set’s, in the whole ripping apart and rebuilding lives thing. And to be handed over to Her by Sobek required an awful lot of trust. And it wasn’t until I knew it was with Sobek’s blessings that I agreed to it.

She taught me a lot. It was then that I finally got involved with the Covenant of Hekate. I think I did the Rite of Her Sacred Fires that year, and then in May the next year, I did my Rite of the Devotee, and joined them. The invocation I wrote and offered as part of my membership application can be found here. Please do not use or adapt without permission as it is not mine to give, but Hekate’s.

I did a whole bunch of intense work with Her, meditational and otherwise, and it was through Her that I met Artemis, during the Pillars of the Naos work I was doing. I might finish that thing one day, but perhaps not. Daily meditation with Hekate is very intense and I am not up for it again.

I have to admit, though, that She’s been wonderful to work with, and I love Her very much.  I have a complicated relationship with Her, and She seems keen to teach me magic, but I can’t imagine my practice without Her.