Sixth Day Festival

6th Day Festival:

For Wesir and the Ancestors

– shrine
– images of Wesir.
– a small image of Ma’at
– two libation bowls (one for gods, one for ancestors)
– libations
– anointing oil
– incense and candles and matches

The Rite:

0) Offer henu.

1) Light candle and incense.

2) Recite this hymn to Wesir. I grabbed it from my old KO calendars, and I believe it’s a translation from one of the Pyramid Texts:
This libation is for you, Wesir.
This libation is for you,
coming forth from your Son,
coming forth before Heru.
I have come and I have brought you the Eye of Heru
That your heart be refreshed therewith.
I have brought it unto you, under your sandals.
I have presented to you
the liquid which comes forth from you.

3) Pour libation to Wesir.
I pour water for you, Wesir, that you may be cooled. May you never thirst.

4) Recite this offering formula prayer to the ancestors. This is for all your ancestors, blood, chosen, spiritual, and whatever other ancestors you honour.
It is pure, it is pure,
It is pure, it is pure.
This libation is for you, shining ones.
I bring a voice offering that the king gives to Wesir,
Lord of Djedu, Great God, Lord of Abydos,
of a thousand of beer, a thousand bread, a thousand ox, goose, linen and alabaster,
a thousand of all good and pure things on which a god lives,
for the kau of the revered ones, who shine in the vault of Nut,
watching over me, their living family.

4) Pour libation for the ancestors, saying:
I pour water for you, ancestors, that you be fed, and your names remembered. May you be cooled. May you never thirst.

5) You may make petitions or prayers to specific ancestors here, or to Wesir, read out a list of their names, or just spend time with them.

6) Closing prayer:
Hail to you, Wesir, Lord of the Duat.
Hail to you, Ancestors, Shining Ones, Blessed Dead,
Hail to you, I have made these offerings to you.
May you remember me, and look kindly upon me this month.
May you be with the gods in the Fields of Reeds.
May you have everything you need, Mighty Ancestors.

7) Offer henu, and remove the foot to end the rite.